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Multitasking Tablets with Plenty of Internal Storage

Tablets are designed as a happy medium between smartphones and portable laptops. These powerful Android, Apple, and Windows devices are ultra-portable, fit inside a carryall, and have features similar to other gadgets you use. Additionally, you have a large range of choice in terms of processor speed, RAM, and storage capacity for frustration-free computing.

How Much RAM Is Enough?

Devices with 4 GB of random access memory can move through multiple tabs on your browser. Moreover, you should be able to open several programs while the computer completes commands without experiencing lag. If the device's motherboard supports upgrades, you can install 8 GB or more of random access memory for speedier multitasking.

Which Type of Processor Should I Consider?

Dual-core Intel and other processors are adequate for completing lighter tasks like opening emails, completing spreadsheets, and typing correspondence. When you want a computer that performs faster and can handle more tasks, triple or quad-core processors designed to run at 2 to 3 GHz are more suitable for heavy browsing. On the other hand, more complicated video processing tasks that use multiple applications may require an octa-core device that has a faster GHz speed.

What Other Features Should I Look For?

  • Operating System: Android devices abound and may prove familiar to many users. As for PC lovers, you can also find Windows 10 tablets for seamless transition from your laptop. Finally, Apple tablets with iOS operating systems support split-screen multitasking and provide instant access to the App Store.
  • Connections: Bluetooth-enabled devices can connect to a variety of external electronics, such as speakers. As for Wi-Fi, this is pretty much ubiquitous so you can connect on the go where free hotspots are available. If you want a hook-up to a TV, look for a tablet with an HDMI port or otherwise consider purchasing an adapter cable separately. Lastly, you'll want to look for USB ports for connections to devices like digital cameras, MP3 players, and more.
  • Internal Storage: Photos, apps, and music consume available storage quicker than document files. Likewise, if you store movies on your tablet, one video can require as much as 2 GB or more of the tablet's available internal storage capacity. On average, tablets with 64 GB of storage can keep up with larger photo inventories, but you'll need at least 256 GB when storing multiple video files.
  • Size: Average-sized devices have 7 to 10 inch screens; these are lighter, and therefore, easier for on-the-go computing. A device with a larger screen is still portable, but you may not be able to hold it in one hand. Likewise, two-in-one devices come with detachable keyboards so you can use the tablet independently or as a makeshift laptop.

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