Cool Down Overheated Hardware With a 35mm Fan

A 35mm fan can keep your computer hardware cool when heat levels build up within an enclosure. If you need a fan for a large or small computer, you'll find many options that are compatible with a variety of PC brands on eBay.

What are the power connection options for 35mm fans?

All 35mm fans for computer hardware have cords that are attached to pins. On the pin, there are gaps that connect to a component on a motherboard. In order to activate a 35mm fan, you must select a product that's compatible with your motherboard. Many 35mm fans on eBay have either a two-pin connector or a three-pin connector.

What are the voltage options for 35mm fans?

Fans with 35mm hardware cool components down by using pulse-width modulation. Many engineers use PWM hardware when manufacturing 35mm fans because the components effectively control computer fans. Without PWM hardware, a fan can't get a steady supply of electricity. Because a fan's speed control is influenced by a control signal, all computer fans have electrical hardware with either low- or high-voltage capability. The main voltage options include:

  • 5 volts
  • 12 volts
  • 14 volts
What are the bearing types for 35mm computer fans?

The bearings manufacturers use to construct 35mm fans are important because they impact noise and performance levels. On eBay, you'll find new and used 35mm fans with different bearings, including:

  • Ball bearing: A ball bearing has a circular design that rolls. This bearing has one purpose, which is to decrease friction during general operational routines.
  • Fluid bearing: A fluid bearing has a layer of liquid. As a fan spins, the liquid stabilizes between the bearing.
  • Magnetic bearing: Thanks to the magnetic components, a magnetic bearing can move fan parts without touching them. This type of bearing stays in good condition longer since it doesn't generate a lot of friction.
  • Sleeve bearing: A sleeve bearing is the most common bearing option. It's designed with convenient rolling and sliding components.
What are key 35mm computer fan features?

Multiple 35mm computer fans on eBay have design elements that provide benefits when PC hardware heats up. The most common fan features include:

  • High-speed hardware: High-speed hardware helps the fan blades spin quickly. This hardware works well with demanding PC hardware.
  • Large airflow compartments: Wide airflow compartments help air circulate more efficiently. If you want to speed up cooling times, this feature can help.
  • Quiet blades: Quiet blades can cool down PC hardware without producing loud sounds. Most fans that operate quietly have a magnetic bearing.