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Expand Your Storage Possibilities with 32GB SD Cell Phone Memory Cards

The average smartphone now has more power than the most powerful computers from previous years. These devices process huge amounts of data and luckily, most Android devices will allow for expansion of the standard memory through the addition of SD memory. These slots allow users to nearly double the available memory of their smartphone.

What size SD card can be used in most smartphones?

While microSD cards are available in sizes up to 256GB, many smartphones are limited in the amount of external storage their operating system will support. While many recent mainstream Android options advertise expansion slots capable of handling any size card available, history supports a sound practice of limiting expansion card size to 32GB. Cards with more space may crash the operating systems of some slower phones. This means that 32GB of space provides a high probability of success with any smartphone, even if it is not an updated model. However, if you have an Android phone from one of the major manufacturers made since 2015, you should have success with any capacity card you choose.

What type of microSD card should you use?

While memory card size is an important factor, an even more important factor is the memory card manufacturer. The memory card market is loaded with scammers offering many memory cards from which to choose. While these cards may be tempting, they may not give you what you want or worse yet, lead to data corruption and the loss of information. Stick with memory cards from reputable brands purchased from reliable sources. Reputable card brands are known to be reliable for this and many other types of ongoing card use. It is also important to choose a higher graded memory card for everyday use and quick access speeds. Some major suppliers of memory cards offer Class 10 UHS-I SD memory cards, which are preferred, if not required, for this type of use. Class 10 microSD guarantees a stable storage format while UHS-I offers a high-speed, universally accepted format.

Can a microSD card be used in multiple devices?

The microSD format is a universal derivative of the standard SD card format. In fact, many micro SD card options are provided with a memory card adapter, which allows for use in computers, cameras, and other devices that utilize the larger SD format. As long as the memory card is UHS-I formatted, the transfer between Android-powered equipment is seamless. Use of cards in Microsoft Windows-powered PCs is also simple and secure. Here are some of the common applications that accept micro cards

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Handheld video game consoles
  • Digital cameras
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