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A Guide to Buying and Collecting 3-Cent US Postage Stamps

Whether you collect stamps for their collector's value or you simply like how they look, the 3-cent postage stamp offers a unique and varied way to feed that interest. Success in buying rare 3-cent U.S. stamps depends mainly on knowing what you're looking for and knowing what you're looking at. You can find cool 3-cent U.S postage stamps consisting of various themes to purchase on eBay. To that end, here is a brief but thorough guide.

How to select 3-cent US postage stamps

How you select a 3-cent stamp depends primarily on your reason for wanting it. If you need it because you require United States postage of 3-cents for mail you intend to send, you only need the 2017 Strawberry 3-cent stamp. If you want to collect old 3-cent stamps, however, it helps to understand how they are classified and sold on eBay. This allows you to more effectively pick the ones for your collection. Some of the ways old 3-cent stamps are classified and sold on eBay include:

  • Type: Old 3-cent stamps are sold individually and in booklets, blocks, coils, full sheets, and miniature sheets.
  • Mint: The mint of old 3-cent stamps is mint never hinged (MNH), but they may also come hinged, either lightly, heavily or mint hinged, and they may come with or without original gum, regummed, and new or used.
Features of 3-cent US postage stamps

The art on the U.S. 3-cent stamp has spanned numerous topics and themes. If you enjoy buying stamps purely for their aesthetic or cultural value, selecting stamps with imagery appealing or meaningful to you can be especially rewarding. Even if you're collecting stamps purely for their value, the sheer variety of subjects explored on the face of 3-cent U.S. stamps and the spectrum of colors backing them adds value to any collection. Some of the topics and themes represented on the U.S. 3-cent stamp include:

  • Business, industry, and careers
  • Family and society
  • Historical events and figures
  • Seasonal imagery
  • Military and war
  • Flags and national emblems
What are some particularly notable 3-cent US postage stamps?

When buying U.S. 3-cent postage stamps for their sheer rarity to add to your collection, consider some of the following:

  • 1879 George Washington 3-cent stamp
  • 1913 Victory of the Allies in WWI 3-cent stamp
  • 1893 Columbian Exposition: Santa Maria, Flagship of Columbus 3-cent stamp
  • 1926 Abraham Lincoln Canal Zone 3-cent stamp
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