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Store and Transport Your Important Files Using a 256GB SD Card

256GB SD cards have enough space to store hundreds of photos and many hours of video that you might take with your digital camera. They're a great way to keep these files safe or link them with other devices for viewing and printing. eBay carries several 256GB SD cards that will suit a variety of needs.

How do the different SD card speed classes work?

256GB SD card developers settled on a standard class of speeds. These numbers can help you see how fast the card will write data, but it can affect other things as well. The speed class can tell you how high the maximum resolutions for your photos and videos can be. Higher resolutions need a lot of data to go to the card quickly. If you think you'll be shooting lots of HD videos, you may wish to choose a 256GB SD card with a high speed class. Some common speeds you'll find for SD 256 cards on eBay are:

  • Class 10 - This class can write at speeds of up to 10 megabytes each second.
  • UHS Class 1 - This class starts at speeds of 10 megabytes per second and can go higher from there.
Can you choose a 256GB SD card brand?

eBay offers a comprehensive assortment of SD cards from a range of manufacturers. You can use the site's search bar to look for cards from all available brands or choose your favorite brand from the list. Card brands are not necessarily restricted to digital cameras of the same brand. Some common SD card brands you will find include:

  • SanDisk
  • Samsung
  • Lexar
  • Huawei
How can you back up files on your 256GB card?

If your 256 SD card is full and you don't want to delete any of the photos or videos you've taken, you can back those up to another device first. One of the easiest ways to do this is to insert the card into the appropriate slot on your laptop or PC. Once it is inside, the computer should recognize the card and open a window where you can view all the files on it. If you copy the files from the card to a directory on the computer, you can safely delete them from the card to free up space for more photos and videos. Make sure the files have finished copying over to the new device before deleting them from the card.

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