The .25 Caliber Air Rifle is a Powerful Gun

If you're a hunter or target shooter, you'll want to have a gun that will deliver the power you need when it's time to pull the trigger. The .25 caliber air rifles are often used for hunting small to medium animals as well as for target practice. eBay has a wide selection of new and used .25 caliber air rifles.

How are .25 air rifles powered?

There are a few different mechanisms for powering a gun like the 25 cal air rifle, which include:

  • Spring-piston: These are single-shot guns that require you to cock the spring before you take aim. They can be affordable .25 air rifles, and many people are familiar with this standard powering system. The way in which you compact the spring could vary; some models have a side lever, and others have a break-barrel design.
  • Gas-piston: Gas-piston rifles use compressed nitrogen, and as a result, they have much lower recoil and make very little sound. They can be cocked for long periods of time, allowing you to wait for the right moment to shoot.
  • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP): The advantage of a PCP gun is that you'll already have the compressed air you need to fire multiple times before having to charge the gun again. The small air tanks can be charged with scuba tanks, hand pumps, or another method. When fully charged, PCP 25-caliber air rifles can be very accurate.
  • Pump: With this system, you'll have to manually pump the gun to get the power you need. There will be a small range, in terms of the number of pumps required, in which the gun will fire properly. This lets you choose how much power to use.
Other features

As you shop for an air rifle, think about your preferences regarding:

  • Velocity: Velocity usually starts around 750 feet per second and goes up to approximately 1000 feet per second. The variances in velocity could matter if you are a seasoned shooter who is using your weapon for pest control.
  • Scopes: Scopes can be used to help you focus your aim. It's often recommended that you use a scope on a fixed-barrel rather than a break-barrel gun since the scope will better stay in place. You can either get a fixed and variable scope depending on whether you want to adjust magnification.
  • Weight: If you have a lot of gear or plan on walking long distances with your air rifle, consider getting something that weighs 7 or 8 pounds. Otherwise, something around 10 pounds should be fine as well.
Air rifle manufacturers

Many companies make these types of air guns, including:

  • Benjamin
  • Hatsan
  • Umarex
  • Walther