Stay Connected in Luxury With a 24K Gold iPhone

Apple is one of the most common brands in cell phones. You can take your cell phone status symbol up a notch by getting a luxury 24K gold iPhone. Because these specific iPhone models are no longer in circulation, it can be difficult to find them, but there are some available on eBay.

What is a 24K gold iPhone?

As its name implies, a 24K gold iPhone is an iPhone that has been plated with 24K gold. Basically, the casing of the iPhone is made out of gold while the internal components are still made out of the same internal electronic components that cause iPhones to work the way that they do. True 24K gold iPhone are rare. Only 300 of these limited edition phones are released into circulation for each model year of iPhone.

How can you tell if your gold iPhone is legitimate?

When you purchase a gold iPhone, you'll want to make sure that it's really what it's supposed to. A gold iPhone's backside and buttons will all be gold if the phone is a legitimate one. There are plenty of gold-colored cases out there, but a true 24K gold iPhone's case will be made onto the iPhone; it won't be something that you remove from the iPhone. Additionally, anything that is true 24K gold will have a karat marking on it that says "24K" or something to indicate that it's real gold. You can also hold a magnet up to the phone and see if it pulls towards the magnet. Because real gold is magnetic, a legitimate 24K gold iPhone will not draw closer to the magnet.

What storage options are available for the gold iPhone?

Just like other iPhones are offered with different storage capacity options, so is the 24K gold iPhone. You can get the 24K gold iPhone in the different iPhone models, including 6, 6s, 7, 7s, and X. Each iPhone model comes with the following possible storage capacities:

  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB
Can you buy the gold iPhone new?

Sometimes you can find the 24K gold iPhone in new condition. However, since they were limited edition items, it is likely that you'll be able to find more used ones than new ones on eBay. Used gold iPhones sometimes have engravings on them, but you can have the engravings removed if you don't want them on your phone.

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