The following tires are a size 235/70-16

Find an All-Season Tire in Your Price Range

An all-season tire is a versatile wheel for your vehicle, and there are many prices and models that can fit your car or truck on eBay. These wheels can drive on many different surfaces. Whether you need it for summer or winter, there is a tire available in your price range.

Is this type of tire suitable for winter driving?

These tires are designed for use throughout the year. There is no need to change them for the different seasons. They are considered some of the most versatile wheels on the market. These vehicle tires can drive in dry to snowy road conditions, and most cars even have all-season wheels installed as they leave the factory. They offer the benefits of both a summer and winter tire without a higher price. It is easy to find a replacement for your wheels on eBay, as these tires are designed to fit different types of vehicles too. These all-season tires are available in a large price range.

What is a 235/70-16 size wheel?

This size is generally used for trucks and passenger cars. These vehicle tires provide enough traction to maneuver over most road conditions. This particular wheel size has the following measurements:

  • Diameter: 28.95 inches
  • Width: 9.25 inches
  • Circumference: 90.96 inches
  • Sidewall height: 6.48 inches
What are the markings on the sidewall?

The letters and numbers have a special meaning. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) marks each wheel with its safety stamp. You can also find information about the load capacity, pressure inflation, and other specifications for the wheel. The side markings also indicate the vehicle class, size, and speed rating for every tire. You can verify that the wheel will fit your particular model of vehicle using these markings.

How do you read the information on the sidewall?

The sidewalls can reveal a lot of data. Some information that you can find includes:

  • Class: The letter specifies the vehicle class.
  • Section width tread: This is the measurement between the sidewalls.
  • Aspect ratio: Aspect ratio is the height of the sidewall.
  • Speed rating: This is the maximum speed that you can safely drive on the wheel.