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A Guide to 225 60r16 Car and Truck Tires

To make sure your vehicle is driving safely on the roads, you'll want to be riding on a good set of tires. You have the opportunity to shop for new and used 225 60r16 tires on eBay. Some of these will be new, and cheaper ones could be used.

225 60r16 tire types

As you search through the collection of 225 60r16 tires on eBay, you'll see they generally fall into four categories:

  • All-season: These are commonly found on eBay because they're affordable and well-rounded. They handle dry braking well, and they offer a comfortable ride in a variety of conditions.
  • Summer: Summer 225 60r16 tires are designed to do very well in terms of handling and dry braking even when the temperatures rise to triple digits.
  • Winter: If you're driving in snowy conditions, consider getting some of these tires. They offer good traction in snow and hold their shape and structure well in very cold temperatures.
  • All-terrain: All-terrain tires are built for going off the pavement, whether you're driving over mud, sand, or rocks. They have aggressive tread patterns to maintain traction, and they can also be used to drive on regular roads.
What advantages do 225 60r16 performance tires offer?

The selection of affordable 225 60r16 tires includes performance tires. These can handle themselves well at high speeds, both when you're driving straight and going around curves. Performance tires can go hand-in-hand with the high-performing engines found on many sports cars and luxury sedans.

What other features influence the tire-buying decision?

In addition to making sure you get the right size 225 60r16 tires, you'll also want to consider:

  • Speed rating: When a 225 60r16 tire is made, it goes through tests to see what speeds it can travel at safely. A rating of L on a sturdy 225 60r16 tire means you can drive a maximum of 75 mph before the tire is compromised. Ratings go up to V, which means you can drive up to 149 miles per hour on your tires.
  • Load index: This lets you know how much weight the tires can carry. Higher numbers correspond to higher load capacities. The range can be from 70 to 126, with 70 corresponding to around 750 pounds and 126 corresponding to over 3,700 pounds.
Tire companies

You'll have a wide range of options to choose from when buying new or used 225 60r16 tires on eBay. Some companies that make this size tire are:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • BFGoodrich
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