What You Need to Know About 2-DIN Android Stereos

A 2-DIN Android stereo system can add a GPS navigation and entertainment system to your car so that you can stay connected on the go. If you want to add a stereo system powered by the Android OS, there are different options available based on screen size, features, and connectivity. Here is some information to consider when selecting an Android stereo system for your car on eBay.

What are some features available on a 2-DIN Android stereo?
  • GPS navigation: Some systems will have maps preloaded onto the device for navigation purposes. You can use the touchscreen to enter in addresses and receive video and audio directions to your destination. Other units have access to navigation apps that can be downloaded onto the device and used.
  • Steering wheel control: Some vehicles with an existing multimedia system installed will have controls mounted on the steering wheel for functions such as calling and music controls. Some Android systems can connect to the SWC depending on the model of your vehicle.
  • USB input: Some Android units will have one or more USB ports mounted to the device to allow for device charging with the appropriate USB cable. In some cases, you can also connect a smartphone or music device to play the songs and videos on the screen and vehicle's stereo system.
  • Memory card input: With this feature, you can insert memory cards, such as SD cards, to expand the storage capacity of your Android unit and also play music and videos that are stored on the memory card.
  • Bluetooth-enabled: This allows you to connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible device to the Android system wirelessly. Once paired to your Android unit, your smartphone will automatically connect to the stereo system when it gets in range depending on your car and smartphone.
What should you consider when selecting a 2-DIN Android stereo?

You will want to select an Android stereo system that is compatible with your vehicle. Some considerations include the power requirements and screen size so that it can fit inside your vehicle. The processor speed, amount of memory, storage solutions, and Android OS version should also be considered when comparing two models. Some units will also have additional features such as backup cameras and hotspot sharing to consider as well.

What is a 2-DIN Android stereo?

Some car manufacturers use a standardized radio size for their stereo systems. Double DIN Android options are stereos that fit in roughly a 7 by 4-inch area. Stereos with the Android OS installed on them will be 2-DIN styles to allow for the screen size and other features.