Antique Lace and Crochet Doilies

A doily is a crocheted mat made of openwork that allows a floral, pineapple, shell, or other type of pattern to show. A circular or oval-shaped lace doily is handmade by a skilled artisan, using fine threads of thin yarn. These works of fiber art add a classic touch wherever you place them.

What kind of yarn is used in lace crochet doilies?
  • Cotton - Cotton is the most common material used to crochet a lace doily. It comes in large cones of white, ivory, or colored thread. Cotton does not stretch, which helps to ensure that the doily will retain its shape.
  • Silk - Silk is a luxurious material known for its sheen and softness. This type of doily is usually white or off-white in color.
  • Linen - Linen is another plant-based material that is spun into threads and can be used to make a doily. Its thicker construction makes this type of doily great for use as a coaster on a table. It is naturally tan, off-white, or light beige in color.
How do you use a lace crochet doily?
  • Table top decoration - A lace doily may be placed on the top of a table to be used as a protective surface between a mug, bowl, vase, or tea cup and the wood of the table.
  • Bouquet wrap - A doily can be used to wrap the stems of flowers in a bouquet. The crocheted doily is used in place of a paper wrapping.
  • Head covering - A white or black lace doily may be used as a womans head covering.
How do you clean an antique lace crochet doily?

To clean a lace doily, you can use a wide-mouthed glass canning jar with a lid, some mild dish soap, and a clean towel. Fill the glass jar three-fourths full with warm water. Add one teaspoon of the mild dish washing detergent. Put the lid on the jar and shake it to create some suds. Open the jar and add one of the doilies. Place the lid on the jar and gently shake the jar for a few minutes. Take the lid off the jar, remove it, and lay it on the towel.

To rinse the doily, dump out the soapy water and fill the jar three-fourths full with water, preferably distilled. Put the lace doily back into the jar, replace the lid, and gently shake the jar. Open the lid, remove the crochet doily, and place it on top of the towel. Pat it gently and allow it to air dry.