1911 Hunting Laser Grips

Discover the Convenience of 1911 Laser Grips

Lasers can help you practice your aim and focus your firearm on the target during practice. The 1911 laser grips integrate the sight into the firearm as part of the grip in an effort to make targeting and accuracy seamless and streamlined. You can explore various options and features for 1911 laser grips and find the products that work for you on eBay.

Customization options for 1911 laser grips

All new and used 1911 laser grip sights are designed to help you practice your aim and focus on a target as necessary. However, there are a few features you can choose for your laser grips depending on the specific model you want. Some common options you will discover during your search are:

  • Colors - Common laser sights show up as a red dot. However, you can also find laser grips that will produce a green or white light. Some versions may support multiple colors as well.
  • Compatibility - 1911 laser grips are intended to work with the full-size version of this firearm, but some models are also compatible with subcompact firearms.
  • Texture - You may wish to choose a set of grips based on the roughness or smoothness of the texture.
Main features of 1911 laser grips

The precise features you get with your 1911 laser grips will depend on which model you choose. All models offer targeting assistance, but some may include additional options that youll find useful. You can use eBay to explore the range of products and find the one that has features you might like. Some common options you will come across are:

  • Adjustable - Many 1911 laser sights have special screws that you can adjust to tune your aim and allow for things like elevation or windage.
  • Modes - In some cases, you can switch between different modes for your laser sight. It can shine a solid red dot on your target or flash on and off repeatedly.
  • Brightness - Pressure pads in the grip can help you adjust the brightness level of the red dot to suit your needs or preferences in different situations.
What brands make 1911 laser grips?

Several brands manufacture their own versions of 1911 laser grips. If you have a preferred brand already, you may wish to use the sidebar on eBay to find laser grips from that brand. All laser grips will perform the same function, but different brands might have certain styles or options that appeal to you. Common brands that make laser sights for the 1911 include Crimson Trace, LaserMax, and Viridian.