Gear Up Your Gun With 1911 Custom Grips

Custom 1911 grips are a great way to change up the aesthetic of your gun. Use custom 1911 grips to make your piece even more unique. A set of wood or marble 1911 custom grips can be the throwback to the Old West you’ve been looking for, while a set of gold grips can deliver a bit of class.

How to find the right grips for your Colt 1911

The Colt 1911 is largely considered to be an excellent .45 caliber pistol. This means that there is a wide range of 1911 grips available on eBay for you to choose from. Consider the functional aspects of the grips as well as the design when making your selection.

The 1911 grips for sale do not all come in the same size. Look for full, standard, or mini-sized grips to ensure that they'll fit your gun properly. Additionally, you can consider slimmer grips if your 1911 doesn’t fit into your hand as comfortably as you would like. There are also options available for grooved grips, contoured grips, or ambidextrous grips.

How do you choose the right materials for 1911 custom grips?

Exotic woods, cast metals, and even carbon fiber are all available materials in 1911 grips custom options for sale on eBay. Each material has different palm swells and adhesion. Some materials, specifically the cast metals, can add weight to your gun, while carbon fiber, rubber, or some lighter woods can take the weight off when you remove the original panels.

If you want to add weight, look at the metal options. If you want something that will curve your hand well and improve with time, look at wood options. For grip and adhesion, consider carbon fiber grips.

You may also want to consider balance and durability. A cast metal grip with a design that varies between the inner and exterior grip could change the balance of your gun. Beautiful wood grips will also require careful cleaning and protection.

What do 1911 pistol grips do?

Grip panels or custom 1911 grips that you would install yourself can impact the functional and aesthetic aspects of your 1911. Changing your 1911 pistol grips can impact the balance, weight, and grip of your gun. It can make your 1911 fit in your hand differently and the weight changes can even impact the sight on your gun.

Know your style of 1911 grips for sale

There are a number of variations of inexpensive 1911 grips on eBay. It's no surprise that such a well-loved gun option has many custom aftermarket grip choices. You can even find some used custom 1911 grips for your gun. Before you start looking at the available options, consider your style. You may want to give your gun a classic look with cast metal, take on a military finish with camo, or opt for a classic take with wood.