Frequently Asked Questions About 18k Gold Pocket Watches

A stylish timepiece can perfectly complement an outfit, and only few accessories make as bold a statement as a beautiful18k gold pocket watch. Whether you prefer the self-winding variety or the intricacy of a skeletal gear case, keeping time with a handheld watch is an age-old tradition that conveys a sense of style and sophistication. eBay has a fine selection of pre-owned and new pocket watches at a wide price range.

What styles of 18k gold pocket watches are available?

Pocket watches come in all shapes and styles. From classic chronograph pendant watches to finely crafted ornamental timepieces, the selection of pocket watches spans the spectrum of luxury and taste. You may decide to go with an automatic watch or choose a manual model with silver gears, stems, and springs. Antique yellow gold watches may come with the original box.

How do you select an 18k gold pocket watch?

First of all, consider whether you want a solid gold watch or a gold-plated model. Depending on the type of pocket watch you choose, accessories may vary. The dials on some watches are engraved with handcrafted enamel artwork while others are encased in see-through crystal. Chronograph embellishments may be silver or diamond, and the gold may be white, rose, or yellow gold.

How do you care for your 18k gold pocket watch?

Automatic watches need to be stored in a self-winding case. Manual timepieces must be wound by hand and reset on a regular basis to ensure that they accurately keep time. It?s also important to note that:

  • Yellow gold watches should be cleaned by hand daily and stored in a cushioned case.
  • 18k gold pocket watches can be kept in good condition with minimal maintenance.
  • The dials of antique and pre-owned timepieces can be buffed and polished with a soft, clean cloth.
How do you set an 18k gold pocket watch?

Antique 18k gold pocket watches typically come with two types of internal gears. Kinetic energy or electricity can cause automatic watches to turn their gears and press against the inner spring. As the spring winds tighter, the dial on the face stays in motion with the energy stored in the coils of the spring. The gears of a manual watch are connected to a stem that must be wound by twisting a knob on the side of the dial.