16mm Film Camera

Film Your Movie Projects With a 16mm Film Camera for a Truly Expressive Format

Since the 1920s, 16mm film has been around in various formats. The popularity of 16mm film has fluctuated over the years, but all will agree that 16mm film is a near-perfect film for imparting the type of visual effect that you cannot achieve through digital methods. There are many types of both vintage and contemporary 16 and 16mm film cameras available for filming in 16mm and Super 16 film, and eBay is a great source for these types of cameras.

What cameras are available for 16mm and Super 16mm filming?

Eastman Kodak produced the first 16mm combination filming bundle in 1923, which consisted of a camera, projector, tripod, screen, and splicer. In 1932, RCA-Victor released a 16mm sound movie projector. In 1935, RCA-Victor developed an optical sound-on-film 16mm camera. These cameras produce 16mm film. Cameras that were developed after the introduction of Super 16 in 1965 were offered in either 16mm or Super 16 format and include these models:

  • Eclair 16 NPR
  • Eclair ACL
  • Aaton 7A
  • Ariflex 16SR
  • Aaton LTR 54
  • Ariflex 16SRII
  • Aaton XTR
  • Ariflex 16SR3
  • Aaton A-Minima

Can you record in 16mm film today?

16mm film and Super 16 film is still in production today and is used for many different types of projects, including both commercial and home use. Recent movies such as Black Swan and Carol and recent television shows such as The Gilmore Girls and This Is Us were filmed in part or entirely using 16mm film. While there is a good amount of stock Super 16mm film available, there is a limited number of labs to develop the film after the shoot.

What is 16mm film?

16mm film was introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923 as a less expensive alternative to 35mm film. One reason for the subsequent popularity was the ability to rent and buy from the Kodascope library. 16mm refers to the width, and the film was one of the first films to be produced as acetate safety film. RCA introduced sound for the film in 1930, and color was added in 1935 with the introduction of Kodachrome. Super 16mm film was first produced in 1969.16mm film was initially popular among amateur filmmakers but then became increasingly used in educational and scientific presentations. 8mm film supplanted 16mm in the home movie market, but 16mm has remained popular for movie and television films because of the visual appeal.