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Factors That Affect the Selection of 16 GB SDHC Camera Memory Cards

Regardless of what you use your digital camera for, you need to have enough memory capacity in order to hold all of your photos and videos. The 16GB SDHC camera memory cards are an excellent tool for this purpose as their small size and compatibility with most cameras make them easy to use. By using more than one memory card, you can keep your files organized and always have enough open space to take advantage of prime conditions.

What does SDHC mean?

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. It is one of the three different types of SD memory cards. The other two types are the original, SD, and the successor to SDHC, SDXC. The difference between each of these types of cards is the range of memory that they can support in their standard size. Of the three, SDHC cards are in the middle, with SD having less storage capacity, and SDXC having greater potential storage. For SDHC, the possible memory capacities range from 2GB to 32GB. Taken at a resolution of 5MP, a 16GB memory card can hold more than 10,000 photos while 8MB resolution photos would allow for about 6,500 photos to be saved. Up to 64 hours of video recorded at 384 kbps can be held on the same card, while approximately four hours of video taken at a high resolution can be held on a 16GB card.

What are SD card speed ratings?

Other than the storage capacity of the card, this is one of the most important characteristics of a memory card. The speed rating of a card describes how fast it is able to process data, which tells you how fast it can read and write information to and from the internal storage. The reason that this is so important to the functionality of the card is that this max speed determines what the card can be used for.

What should you know when buying a camera memory card?

There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing a new memory card for your camera. You need to consider the amount of internal memory that the card has as well as its speed rating:

  • Internal memory: Depending on what you use your camera for, you will have different memory capacity needs. If you primarily shoot photos, you may want a single large card or several smaller cards that you can use for different types of photographs. On the other hand, if you regularly shoot video with your camera, then you will want to have an SDHC memory card that has enough capacity to hold a video of sufficient length for your purposes, perhaps more than one card of this type.
  • Speed rating: This is also dependent on how you use your camera. Photos, even high-quality ones, are relatively small files when compared with video. As such, you could get away with a slower SDHC memory card if you shoot mostly photos. For high-quality video, however, you need a faster card that can handle the vast amounts of data being created and stored.
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