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The iPhone 4 Smartphone You Should Never Leave Home Without

Apple released the iPhone 4 as a flexible smartphone device with various settings for GB and data usage. This model entered into public domain on June 7, 2010. The phone has a 512MB DRAM with a lithium-ion battery.

What amounts of GB are there in the iPhone 4?

This iPhone has memory capacities that range from 6 and 16 to 32GB. The CPU is a 1 GHz single-core bit that’s been given the name of “hummingbird.” The phone uses Macintosh’s original iOS 4.0 with the latest update for the actual model being iOS 7.1.2. You’ll find a multi-touch screen with a built-in digital compass. The iPhone is well known for its many functions that are placed within a handheld device.

  • Data storage: The iPhone’s GB stores data like video, photos and text. Messages are also stored along with user preferences that are programmed through the phone’s settings.
  • Resolution: Video and camera resolutions use 720p HD pixels of 1.75 with digital zoom and a four-element lens.
  • Predictive typing: Predictive functions enable the phone to write out phrases and statements you intend to say.
Does the amount of GB in an iPhone 4 matter?

The iPhone 4 enables three ranges of data storage based on the amount of GB you want. The device can also be connected to iCloud services that give users a flexible amount of storage with the ability to access data through multiple devices. The higher the gigabyte amount you have, the more storage you have on the actual phone.

Does Apple make an iPhone 4 smartphone with 32GB?

Apple manufactures the iPhone 4 with 32GB depending on preference and choice. The phone’s display screen is manufactured by LG and uses an LED backlit film cover. The phone uses the Apple “A4” memory chip which is also used in the iPad to aid in faster speeds. The chip is helpful in extending battery life and minimizing damage from high, internal temperatures.

  • SMS text messaging: Messaging is a strong component to this smartphone. The phone has built-in apps to message and text along with the ability to send photos, received video and send audio recordings at the click of a button.
  • Bluetooth: The iPhone 4 is compatible with external items that send proper Bluetooth connectivity signals.
  • Plastic/Aluminum mold: Each iPhone is made with an aluminum casing that is covered by the phone’s outer, plastic shell. Though the shell offers protection, aluminum is also provided for more structural stability.
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