1600w Power Supply for Incredible Amounts of Computing Power

If you need to supply a large number of computing components with the power that they need to deliver the results you want, you might want to invest in one of the reasonably priced 1600w power supplies in this eBay collection. It's easy to find new and used computer components that you need on eBay. Keep these simple questions and answers in mind as you select the parts that you need to get your PC off the ground.

What types of 1600-watt power supplies are there?

While there are many different models of 1600w power supplies made by a variety of different companies, all of these devices can be lumped into two basic categories:

  • Traditional: These types of power supplies have a number of cords coming out of them that go to components like your motherboard, hard drives, and fans. You cannot remove these cords, and they can get in the way if you're working with a small computer case or you aren't using all of the components that you can connect to your power supply.
  • Modular: These types of power supplies feature cords that you can remove if you want. For instance, if you aren't installing an optical disk drive in your computer, you can remove the cord that goes to this component to save space inside your computer's case. You can hang onto the cords you don't need in case you want to install them later.
What are some potential applications of these power supplies?

Here are some examples of the contexts in which you can use these power supplies:

  • Cryptocurrency mining: These heavy-duty power supplies are perfect for cryptocurrency mining. When you're mining cryptocurrency, you need to use multiple GPUs, and these computer components use a lot of power.
  • Server management: If you want to set up a personal server in your basement, you might be able to get away with a basic 600w power supply. However, as you start adding hard drives and RAM, you'll find that you need more and more power, and a 1600w power supply will start looking more and more like the solution that you need to serve as a multimedia powerhouse for all of your family members and friends.
How do you pick the right power supply?

If you are already using components that are made by a certain brand in your computer, you may want to select components by the same brand to make the customer service process easier.