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The Features of 16-Channel DVR Cards

Convert your computer to a PC DVR and monitor for your home, office, or retail store with 16-channel digital video recorder (DVR) cards. Compatible with a variety of operating systems, these cards provide a way to remotely manage and view your DVR footage with an app on your phone or mobile device. Easy to install, these cards can give you access to a variety of features for your home security surveillance system.

What types of 16-channel DVR cards are available?

There are several cards available with great features like audio alert/siren, audio recording, DVD-RW backup, mobile phone access, motion activated/detection, real-time recording, time lapse, and more. Choose from brands like Eyemax, GeoVision, Hikvision, and more. There are also some generic, unbranded items available.

What are benefits of a mobile access DVR security system?

Once you've acquired a system that is compatible with your smartphone, you'll be able to set up for remote access to your security system. With this remote access, you can see what's going on in your observed perimeter any time no matter where you are as long as you have cell coverage.

If you travel often or go on vacation, this is a great feature to have for peace of mind. It's also a great feature if you or someone else in the area being secured are alone or working late hours. With the ability to see if someone is there before you go outside to a car, your security is greatly increased. If you see on your system anything for concern, you can call for appropriate help and stay safely inside until they arrive.

What's the benefit of motion activation within a security system?

The primary advantage of motion activation or detection is to protect your property. If a door or window is inadvertently left open, the system will still sense the intruder and sound the alarm giving you time to take appropriate action. With the sensors usually being used with floodlights or other types of lighting, this feature serves as an important safety feature as it leaves the intruder nowhere to hide. If the lights go on, you'll know there's a situation you need to investigate or ask for assistance on.

What's the benefit of DVR cards in the security system?

The benefit of the DVR card in the security system setup is that it stores the captured video on the internal hard drive for the various channels. This allows the system to run for extended periods of time with little to no maintenance required. The only limit is the hard drive space extended by the DVR card.

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