What to Know Before Choosing a 14k Solid Gold Chain

A 14k solid gold chain is a beautiful and memorable gift for a loved one. On eBay, browse through our comprehensive selection of affordable 14k solid gold chains for both men and women. eBay carries many different solid gold chain styles and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for yourself or someone else.

Which factors should you consider when buying a gold chain?

If it's your first time buying a gold chain, it helps to have an idea of the factors to consider when buying one. Here are a few of the features you should take into consideration when selecting a 14-karat gold chain:

  • Chain strength - The strength of the chain is important if you're purchasing the chain to pair with a pendant, such as a crucifix or a heart. Link chains are more durable than bead chains or box chains.
  • Chain length - The chain should be long enough to hang comfortably around your neck. If you're purchasing the chain for everyday use, it should be short enough to wear while carrying out your daily activities so as to not get in the way. You can also layer chains of different lengths for a trendy look and show off more than one necklace at the same time.
  • Hollow chain vs. solid chain - Hollow chains are more affordable because they use less gold, but solid chains are stronger and more resilient than hollow chains.
Which 14k solid gold chain link styles are available?

There are so many different solid gold chain links sold on eBay that it's helpful to know the difference between the various link styles available. On eBay you can find Cuban links, snake chains, Figaro chains, and rope chains. Here's an explanation of each style's features:

  • Cuban links - Cuban links are interwoven in such a way as to make the chain look thicker. The Cuban link is also known as the Miami link.
  • Snake chains - Snake chains are composed of thin metal bands bound together tightly to form a flexible chain.
  • Figaro chains - The Figaro chain is a classic Italian design that alternates between a series of two to three small links and a longer, more oblong link.
Difference between linked chains and bead chains

Linked chains are stronger than bead chains and they come in more varieties of thickness. Bead chains are composed of small round beads that usually don't exceed .5 inches in thickness. The beads are either linked closely or spaced apart. Link chains are considered to be more luxurious.