Going in Style With the 14k Gold Herringbone Chain

Gold is unique in that the color symbolizes wealth. The 14k gold herringbone chain is a fashion accessory that is made for men. It's a great accessory to wear at any formal function, including business parties, graduation, and wedding ceremonies, adding extra style into your wear.

What should you look for in a herringbone chain?

Gold herringbone chains are able to resist rust, corrosion, and tarnishing effects. They are chains that can be worn with any outfit. When shopping for a 14k gold herringbone chain, you should look for the following features:

  • Construction - Chains are usually made as hollow, plated, or solid. Plated chains are cheaper, while solid ones offer greater durability.
  • Sturdiness - The clasp of the chain should be sturdy and solid.
  • Smoothness - The chains should also be smooth so that they don't catch on clothes or irritate your skin.
  • Wear and tear - You can sleep with the chain hanging around your neck.
What link types are available for the gold herringbone chain?

The link type you choose will determine if the chain will kink easily. It will also determine the likelihood of the chain breaking. When shopping for a herringbone chain, you should check the following:

  • Link type - The links should be relatively thick so they don't catch and twist onto your clothes easily. The box chain and the wheat chain are the best options in this regard.
  • Sturdiness - Just like the clasp, the individual links should also be sturdy.
  • Other link types - Additional link types that you can choose from are the Figaro chain, the mariner chain, the curb chain, and the rope chain.
Additional styles of the herringbone chain you can look for

The herringbone chain is available in different styles; choosing the right one for you is a matter of taste and preference. You can look for the follo -wing styles for your chain:

  • Anchor/Mariner - Similar to the Figaro chain, the Anchor chain alternates a larger oval link with a smaller round link. These chains typically form in the shape of an anchor.
  • Curb - The curb chain is a simple and classic design consisting of flat, identical interlocking links.
  • Figaro - Figaro links are flattened links that vary in size. Up to two or three links alternate with one longer link.
  • Rope - Small links are manipulated to avoid calling attention to their appearance. They are made in a twisted pattern to actually resemble ropes.