14k Gold Cuban Link Chain

Accent a Mans Outfit With a 14K Gold Cuban Link Chain

When men want to add some visual interest to their outfit, a stylish 14K gold chain provides plenty of shine. The flat, twisted appearance of Cuban links creates a bold look for chokers, long chains, and pendant necklaces. A wide selection of affordable chains can be found new and used on eBay.

What is the difference between curb and Cuban link chains?

When shopping for mens gold neck chains, you may notice that a few different types of link chains are available. A curb link chain has slightly twisted links like a Cuban link chain, but it is much smaller. The metal used in Cuban link chains is shaped into far thicker links, so the chain itself is wider and heavier. The end result is a chain with a lot of metal and little empty space between each link.

How do you care for 14K gold necklaces?

Although 14K gold does not tarnish or corrode, it should still be treated with care. To keep your chain as shiny as possible, follow these tips:

  • Store separately: Do not toss your chain into a pile of other jewelry. Instead, wrap it in a soft cloth and store it in its own container.
  • Buff gently: Buff the surface of the chain every now and then using a soft chamois. This will boost the shine.
  • Soak to clean: Soak your chain in a gentle, non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. After a few minutes, rinse off all traces of cleaner in warm water
What types of necklaces use gold Cuban chain links?

If you like the look of the Cuban chain, you can find many styles of jewelry designed for men that use this chain type.

  • Choker: The choker style is typically a plain chain that is just long enough to go around the neck.
  • Pendant: This style can be any length. The key feature is that there is some type of pendant hanging from the jewelry.
  • Long: Longer styles drape across the chest, and some may be long enough to reach the stomach.
  • Pave: For extra glitter, some styles have diamonds or other precious stones placed into a pave setting in each link.