What to Know about 12V LCD Monitors

12V LCD monitors provide a way for you to enjoy entertainment in a compact form. They also help you with navigating to various destinations as you drive. For an affordable price, eBay is now selling new and used 12V LCD monitors online.

What are some features of 12V LCD monitors?

There are a multitude of features that make a 12V LCD monitor a useful investment. These features include the following:

  • Waterproof frame
  • Night vision function
  • Image sensor

The waterproof frame is useful for driving situations where there is rain or other wet forms of weather involved. The total pixel count for the screen definition is 720 x 676, making it easier for you to see a clearer resolution of the content that is on the screen.

What are some uses for 12V LCD monitors?

You can use these monitors for a wide variety of purposes. If you want to keep the group of people you are driving entertained, you can use it as a way to play movies, TV shows, and even video games. If you need help with finding directions to your next destination, the 12V LCD monitor can also serve as a GPS navigational system where you can adjust the location of your choice and have a clear visual of the path or road you are driving on. When connected to the front of the car in addition to a camera, the monitors can help you with backing out of an area while your vehicle is in reverse.

What are connectivity options for 12V LCD monitors?

With the right cables, you can connect the monitor to the console of a car where you can then proceed to use it as an entertainment device or a GPS. You can also connect it to a 12 volt charger that is included with the monitor where it will charge to full power after use.

How can you control features of 12V LCD monitors?

You can control certain features of the monitor with the included remote control. With the remote, you can adjust settings such as volume and power. The buttons included on the monitor itself can also serve as a way to control the functions of this product. One of those buttons includes one that can control video settings. This will switch the settings to either a video setting that plays movies or a setting for conventional driving purposes, such as GPS navigation.