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Make Your Home More Secure With a 1080p Security Camera

You want your home to be secure, and a high-resolution security camera can help to put your mind at ease. You can find a 1080p security camera that will fit your needs on eBay. Many models are available at various affordable prices.

What is a 1080p security camera?

Similar to televisions, security cameras can have different screen resolutions, and 1080p security cameras have HD screens, and 1080 refers to the number of pixels down that the camera shoots. This type of camera shoots 1,920 pixels horizontally, and the "p" refers to the fact that it is progressive instead of interlaced.

Where in the home should security cameras be placed?

Several types of security cameras are used in various areas of the home. For instance, there are security cameras for babies rooms so that parents can view the nanny and baby together or simply have an eye on their baby when they are not in the room. Additionally, some security cameras are intended for outdoor use while others are intended for the indoors. If you are thinking about putting a security camera inside of the home, one good place to put one is near anything valuable, such as televisions and jewelry boxes. Additionally, if you want a security camera to keep intruders out, the patio and any basement windows are both good places to put a camera.

What features do 1080p security cameras have?

The exact features can vary by model, but some come with motion detection so that you're not running video when there's no one in the room. Another feature to look for is night vision. This is especially useful if you plan on putting the camera in a place that is dark and you don't want to call attention to it with lights. Additionally, some cameras have the capability to load through your Wi-Fi. Not only does this make storing your video footage easy, but you also don't have to wire the cameras. And if you want your cameras to be able to run without electricity, there are also solar-powered security cameras. If you want the camera to be hidden, you can also buy one that looks like a household object, such as a security camera that looks like a smoke detector.

What brands of 1080p security cameras are available?

Some of the brands that make security cameras are listed below:

  • Reolink: This company is based in Hong Kong, and it makes a line of security system devices.
  • Zmodo: The company makes smart home and security devices for homes and businesses.
  • Lorex: This is a company that distributes their video security systems through brick and mortar retail stores.
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