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Women's 100% Woolen Coats & Jackets

With the many fantastic options available for women's wool coats and jackets, knowing what type, color, and cut you prefer can help you to narrow down your search. Having a good idea of what you are looking for beforehand may even save you time and money in the long run.

What Wool Coat and Jacket Styles are Available for Women?

Wool coats and jackets for women come in many different styles and types. Knowing what wool coat options are available to you may be helpful in narrowing down your search. Below are a few of the most popular wool coat and jacket styles that you may come across. Remember to check and see what applications your coat be used for before you make a purchase.

  • Pea Coat/ Pea Jacket: Pea coats or pea jackets are a type of short double-breasted wool overcoat that was originally designed for wear by sailors. Modern pea coats are an attractive stylish option.
  • Trench Coat: A trenchcoat is a type of raincoat that can be made of wool, heavy duty cotton, or other durable water-resistant materials. Usually long enough to reach the knees of its wearer, a trench coat may have buckles or straps for additional protection from the elements.
  • Chesterfield Coat: Chesterfield coats became popular in the 1840s and worn as a warm dress-up option. They feature waist suppression by integrating a fitted seam in the hemline.
  • Duffel Coat: Duffle coats are usually made of heavier wools or duffel materials and have clasps or toggles in the front and rear. Duffel coats and jackets are great for cold weather wear.
  • Mackintosh Coat Water resistant and usually of full length, Mackintosh coats were popularized toward the end of the 19th century. This is a classic and sophisticated coat type.
  • British Warm Coat A British warm coat is a long overcoat or jacket that is styled from the coats worn by British officers in World War I. Expect to see stylish rows of buttons in the front.

What color options, patterns and materials do wool coats feature?

Wool coats for women come with a huge variety of materials, sizes and color options.

The most common wool coat and jacket colors for women are neutral colors like tan, brown, black, grey, or beige. Brighter colors like pink, red, blue, and vivid yellow are also available for women. Wool-blend coats for women can integrate many different materials such as tweed, fur, silk, leather or synthetic variants of these materials. Many have clasps or buttons made of plastic, brass, or even wood or ivory.

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