Grab a Case to Protect Your 10.1-Inch Tablet or eBook

Tablets and eBook readers are great ways to enjoy written content digitally or watch media while youre on the go. A case or cover for your portable device could offer it some protection against impacts or debris and help you show off your style. You can explore the thousands of options for 10.1-inch tablet cases, covers, and keyboard folios that eBay offers to find the one that suits your preferences.

What types of 10.1-inch tablet cases are there?

Affordable tablet cases or covers in the 10.1-inch size are available on eBay in several types. Some designs change how the tablet or eBook case looks, and other types will alter some of the products functionality. You can use the helpful search options in the sidebar to find the type that works for you. Some common versions you will find are:

  • Folding folios - A folding folio 10.1-inch tablet case will fold back on itself to reveal your tablet or eBooks screen. In most cases, the folio has a particular design, color, or pattern.
  • Sleeve - You may wish to purchase this type of 10.1-inch tablet case if you want to slide your device in and out from the top. A sleeve may have extra pouches for small accessories.
  • Screen cover - This type of cover is intended to protect your 10.1-inch screen from debris.
What 10.1-inch tablet cover features can you choose?

All types of 10.1-inch tablet cases or covers should offer some protection to your device. However, many of them can include extra features for your convenience. You can browse through the entire list of features, or choose the ones you want. eBay will display a range of eBook covers that include the features you like. Some common elements you can choose from are:

  • Designer visuals - Some cases or covers may feature special designer folios or imagery that have custom elements you wont find elsewhere.
  • Integrated light - Most tablets have a backlight for your convenience, but some eBook readers do not. A 10.1-inch case with an integrated light can help you read your books anywhere.
  • Stand - A collapsible stand can help you set the tablet on display so that you dont have to hold it constantly.
Can you choose from different materials?

Cases for 10.1-inch tablets are available in a range of basic materials. You may wish to choose a material based on how it looks, its properties, or the texture of it. Common materials for these items include silicone, metal, hard plastic, and carbon fiber.