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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Simple graphics,no nun-chuck controller needed, yet challenging fun puzzles

What a nice surprise this game was! It's not a hard core game but very entertaining when it comes to puzzle solving. I had never heard of this game before I bought it and I really think it's fun and challenging. Graphics are cute. It is controlled with just the remote and not the nun chuck which took a little getting use to but the puzzle solving can get complex as you get deeper into the game even though the game looks simple. I think you would like it if you like games like Jak and Daxter or the Lego type games.Read full review...


Zack and wiki game review

it's a fun game! it is basically a puzzle that needs to be solved in a fun way. Graphics are great, and there are various ways that you can beat a level. It can get pretty difficult at times. It is a great way to enhance your critical thinking skills as well. It is not a battle game or anything like that. So if that is what you're looking for, I suggest you don't buy this game.
There are two characters, zack and wiki, and basically you go to a level and solve that scenario by trying to get to the treasure. You control Zack, and wiki is just his companion who you can use to obtain certain items and gives you hint at times.
I recommend it! It's unique and fun in its own way.
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Sleeper Hit

The main reason i write the review for this game is to encourage more people to get this game. Why.? Because it's such a great game that most of people will not buy. There are just way too many 'crappy' games on Wii at the moment where developers just chipped in to make a quick cash.

Let me start by telling you the story of the game. It all begins with Zack (a pirate) and Wiki (a monkey who flies) who are searching for the treasures. In order to get to the treasure, you need to solve the puzzles. I find it that some of the puzzles are fun and challenging. Few are just super hard where I have to 'cheat' a bit by asking other fellow gamers to give me some hints.

Control is perfect; you don't exactly control the movement of Zack. You just need to use your wiimote to point to specific location and he will follow the pointer.

Graphics is very nice. It's like watching cartoon, very clear and crisp.

While it's not a perfect game, it's still a very nice game to add to your collection. It will give you a satisfaction feeling when you have solved a puzzle. Get it now!
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Zack and Wiki is a buried treasure!

I love this game. This is a point and click adventure/puzzle game that utilizes the Wii's motion controls very well. The graphics are some of the best on the Wii and have a similar look to that of Wind Waker. This game was sadly over looked so there may never be a sequel but if you like a game that really makes you think than look no further than Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.Read full review...


A great challenging, satisfying-to-win test of wits.

Do excuse the ponderously-long game title. This game is a puzzle game with a beautifully-drawn, fully-developed personality. As you collect treasure chests with the help of a sea-rabbit named Maddy, you'll get pieces of concept artwork, music and sound effect snippets, and video clips that are enjoyable to view and hear, and they also give insight into the massive effort that goes into creating a modern-day video game.

About the game itself: Truly a pleasure. When pieces of any given puzzle are solved, you receive HirameQ, the points by which your cunning and smarts are measured in the game. Many of the puzzles are quite challenging, but all are solveable. If you find you can't solve a puzzle, you may use an Oracle Doll to give you a hint, which are purchased from the Sea-rabbit pirate central, from a character named Granny. I used one, and I didn't need to, but it was late and I wasn't thinking real sharp. I would recommend never using them. I did use platinum tickets, however, and quite a few, simply in the interest of time. A platinum ticket lets you have a do-over, so you don't have to start the round from the beginning. These are also purchased from Granny.

You'll come to love the characters in what is a truly great and inventive game. Where a game like Super Mario Galaxy is merely gimmicky (ah, but what gimmicks!), this game is ingenious. Please buy it if only to support brilliant games.
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One of the Best Games I Have Played in a Long Time

Zack & Wiki is one of the most imaginative, fun, and challenging games I have ever played. Solving the games puzzles is a highly rewarding experience. When you finally figure out how to do one small thing after spending half an hour struggling, you really feel a sense of accomplishment. It really reminds me of games from the past which required real brain power to get through.

Gameplay- 10/10
Difficulty- 10/10 (unless you cheat and look it up on GameFAQs)
Graphics- 8/10 (They're intentionally different and quirky)
Story- 9/10 (Personally I think it's well-written and quite funny)
Multiplayer- 7/10 (Although only one person can control gameplay at a time, it's easy to make Zack & Wiki a team experience)

Overall- 9.6/10
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The Grip is the Key

This is another must have for any Wii owner out there. I have three reasons for this thinking.

1) This game is unlike any game you have ever played on any system. The story is old but the way you play is not..Which leads me to number

2) The remote game play for this game is simply great. It makes a point and click game very entertaining and enjoyable without making it repetitive as point and click games get.

3) You have to use your brain more in this game than in most if any game for the Wii. This game makes you think harder than some of my college exams did.

This game is good for both kids and adults although an adult can beat it in say 20 or so hours if they take their time to examine all aspects. Some of the boards can be beaten by more than 1 way so it's good to go back and replay.

BUY THIS GAME!!! Not enough can be played with just a rental and it has great re playability. This game is not for everyone though. If you are a button mashing fiend then avoid this game...If you just want to kill something avoid this game...If you don't like to think when playing a game avoid this game like the plague. But for those that are looking for a different type of experience on their Wii, this game delivers the best.
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Zack & Wiki Review

I heard about this game by googling "top ten wii games" and saw it on two of the lists because it was described as intuitive and fun.

It's a puzzle based game...not much of a story're a kid trying to obtain pirate treasure and to do so, you have to solve various puzzles. I'm the type of person that enjoys solving puzzles, so I got the game and am very pleased with it. It is challenging, but not so difficult you get frustrated and want to throw the wiimote through the tv...(granted i'm 28...if i was 13, it may be a different story).

One of the funnest aspects of the game is the way in which you manipulate the items in the actually use the wiimote and maniuplate it in the very same way as the item you're trying to manipulate on the screen (i.e. to pull a lever down, you hold the wiimote vertically and pull it down, or to turn a crank, you hold the wiimote sideways and crank it as you would a lever).

The game is quite fun and very entertaining...I would recommend it to anyone I know.
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Good puzzle game. Uses Wii features

I haven't finished the game, but I've finished at least 3 areas (15+ stages).

The game is a mixture of moving the pointer around the scenery, looking for objects to manipulate (usually noticed by a vibration and visual movement). Clicking on objects causes interactions. The interactions often involve moving the wiimote in a number of positions that seem more intuitive than WarioWare Smooth moves (although in one situation, I suffered for a good 5-10 minutes). The game does have a place to practice using items, but it just happens that the one I had difficulty was not listed (ice mirrors).

I've really enjoyed playing this game so far and find it challenging to think of what items I need, where to get them, and in what order to use them.

The only downfall I see is that there is not much replay value once it is finished. I've read that there is a multiplayer mode (more like cooperative with the first player controlling the action), but I'm bound to tell the first player what to do. However, the downfall is minimal based on the price I bought it at. I'm likely to hold onto this game even after I finish it, in hopes that I forget what to do after an extended length of non-play.
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One of my FAVORITE Wii Games

I bought it on Ebay on a fluke because it was so cheap. THIS GAME IS A PLEASANT SUPRISE. Don't let the cartoonish (childish) graphics fool you. This game is also great for adults. Here is what happened to me.
1. First tuturial level: I wan't impressed.
2. 2nd level: it took a few times to figure out the puzzle. Still not impressed.
3. 3rd screen: Oh, this gets interesting.
4. 4th screen: Cool, puzzle.
5. 5th screen: Even more ingenious puzzle.
6. 6th screen and beyond: I LOVE THIS GAME.
(my wife and I enjoy discussing possible solutions to the puzzles. I'm sure this would be a great "family" game where parents and kids could actually spend mutial time with a thoughful game)
This is an enjoyable and intelligent game.
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