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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use75% agree

Good value100% agree


Good reciever

Receiver is great. Everything on these is built to work AFTER you set every option up. You do need the remote to set up things like ARC and zones. But as long as you have the remote this is a decent receiver with great "Bang for your buck" value.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: deblifeisgood


lots of great features

As allways with Yamaha great features and easy to use.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 123knut321


Yamaha RX V367

Arrived earlier than expected, although the packaging could have been better it did arrived in one piece.
This is a great receiver, value wise, excellent, lots of features.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: salestoyouall


great sound!

awesome customization, you can change almost every parameter, freq, speaker impedance, distance from speaker to listener, change volume levels for each of de 5 chanels and subwoofer. You can choose what video and audio IN seperately and make presets... downside Cant decode dolby truehd, but hey, dolby dts is already good enough.

The only thing I was dissapointed it was that you have to match de video in/outs... So you have to have a HDMI tv if you want to use the HDMI in of the yamaha. Component to component, composite to composite, i thought it could decode and convert the video format as well so I can choose wich video OUT i want, but you cant choose the video OUT.

dont buy little speakers for it!! you will need at least a 6 inches woofer for the front left and right... also you will need a powered and amplified subwoofer the unit only gives you a coaxial RCA out for the subwoofer you will need to amplify that signal.
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great product versus money

I have the RX V367, its my first receiver, its easy to use, i recommend so much, the price es reasonable,for people who are just beginning in home audio and video, you need good speakers also, that depends on the quality you want to hear, I connect a pair of brand focal and I'm happy with itRead full review...


Extremely versatile for the money! Love it!

This unit does so many things well. I'm having a blast with it coupled with Fluance's AV-HTB surround speakers. The distancing feature in the set-up section works extremely well as a cheater tool when setting up speakers and the overall build quality is very high. I also love the front connection to so handily plug my 16 gig Walkman with all my tunes on it in and have it sound so amazingly lifelike! Very good deal!Read full review...


Solid performance on the cheap!

So far, so good. No onboard DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD bitstream capability, but the it does LPCM just fine and dandy. I honestly can't tell the difference between the passthrough sound on my Onkyo receiver or the LPCM with this one (using Avatar as a test disc). Setup was a breeze and the manual was easy to follow (something not always the case with my Onkyo model). Overall, this receiver is a great value.Read full review...


Great value for the money.

I run everything I own through the receiver like my xbox, ps3, and my pc, by simply running the hdmi cables to the Yamaha, and then a single cable from the Yamaha to the tv. I paired the receiver with a set of Energy Take 5.1 speakers, and the sound is wonderful. Many, many choices for sound types virtually guarantees you will find something you will like. The Remote can be a bit much, but if you bother to read the manual, it's not too bad. I really like it!!Read full review...


excellent seller fast shipping great sound

Iv found this receiver to be excellent using the fiber optic input with a sound blaster card on my PC,when using the cable TV the quality couldn't be better & it gets along really well with the 5.1 Bose speakers.I con paired price,s everywhere this seller couldn't be beat.i did find the same radio for $80.00 more locally so best bang for the buck,once mono price.com gets my hdmi cables here ill be setRead full review...


great entry level av receiver

easy to set up,sounds great, easy to use, real deal for the price range. if your looking for the best entry level receiver you cannot go wrong with this product

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