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Stand, The Last

After having seen the midnight showing in my town, and having mulled over in my mind what I thought about the film, I have this to say one simple statement. I liked it.

Yes, many purist fans will shirk at the lack of depth in some of the new characters introduced; however, all in all the film did what so many films fail to do these days, entertain throughout.

Just to give a little initial background plot, as you probably know by now a lot of the focus is on Jean and the Phoenix. Well, actually a ton of the movie focuses on this, and not giving anything away, but basically all the climactic events deal with Jean/The Phoenix. Intriguingly enough though, she's given a very small role at least as far as speaking goes.

Instead, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) take the lead roles, as they advance their characters slightly in depth, but heavily in status. Don't worry though if if you want and expected fresh faces, because the filmmakers also leave plenty of time for looking at, but not learning about, the newcomers. Also to mention, the youngest X-Men Rogue, Bobby (Iceman), and Kitty have somewhat of a sub-plot love triangle.

Back to the plot though, because all those characters center on the story that a supposed-cure has been released for mutant hood. This is obviously a very divisive issue, as it widens Magneto and Xavier separation even more, while threatening the already fragile make-up of the X-men themselves.

As I mentioned, the movie did have some flaws, as it seemed to want to provide too much in too short a time, while having to glaze over any kind of legitimate character development, (except for some for the Phoenix). Still, if you were a fan of the old ones, or just like good, entertaining superhero-type films, then you're sure to like X3.
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The Next-to-last stand?

The DVD includes bonus features such as alternate endings. As an X-men fan from the beginning of the original comic book in the 1960s, I found this movie to be true to the characters, the Marvel universe, and yet created new plot twists. I won't include any spoilers, but although several major characters die, there is definitely a strong potential for more X-Men films. I was very glad to see Kitty Pride given a bigger role in this movie, closer to the role she played in the comic book. the film spent a large part of it concerning Jean Gray becoming the Phoenix. This version also included a comic book, which is not great, but definitley a collectable item. Any fan of the X-Men series should own this DVD.Read full review...


Their Last Stand

Naturally, X-Men III: The Last Stand was a movie everyone knew was going to rake in a good sum of cash, for the fact alone that it was part of other movies.

But just how good WAS the movie?

Well, when I went to see it the day it came out, our theater was jam-packed so much people were sitting on steps, hushed in the intensity of the movie, loving the characters and, like myself, was still unable to come to terms that the movie ended after so long.

X-Men III did surround the people in the Academy, but the main problem or conflict the whole movie surrounded was of Jean and her inner power of The Phoenix. Love relationships blossom around this disastrous event as all the mutants also consider the antidote to end their powers and become normal people, and one does take it. Wolverine and Storm take on head roles at the end of the movie primarily when a life is lost among the X-Men, but if you haven’t seen it yet you’ll have to watch to find out.

Overall I found it an entertaining movie, filled with special graphics, minor humor to make you chuckle for a second, and several gasping scenes where you just have to go ‘no way’.
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If you followed the comicbook storylines, don't watch.

I had this horrible awful dream the other night that someone took the two of the greatest X-Men storylines of all time and reduced it to a terrifyingly bad encapsuliation, written and performed about as ineptly as anyone could ever imagine. Unfortunately this dream turned out to be real. And the more I thought about this film, the more upset I became. This is just an awful AWFUL film that, for some inexplicable reason, people continue to defend by saying "At least it was entertaining!". This jerkwad excuse does NOT work. There is very little fun and almost nothing funny about this film. It works hard to hold your interest but fails miserably. I do not actually blame Brett Ratner so much for this failure as much as I do the writers, Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn. They have little-to-no respect for the source materiel and even less for the characters. What's even worse is the performances in this film. Halle Berry couldn't be more wooden if she had roots firmly planted in the ground. Hugh Jackman... when did Wolverine become such a wuss-bag? When have we EVER seen Logan shed a tear in the comic? If you've found it, you're more of a fan than I. Hugh Jackman seems to want to turn Logan into the Melancholy Dane. And it works not one bit. The only outstanding performer in this film really is Sir Ian. McKellen is one of the greatest actors to have ever lived and he continues his great work here. Kelsey Grammer as Henry "Beast" McCoy also is quite good, because his performance is one done with great affection for the character. I don't know if the direction that they decided to go with for the creation of The Phoenix is interesting or absurd. It does fit in with more of the "real world" stuff that they're looking to do (having Phoenix be a repressed dominant personality rather than a cosmic lifeforce is definitely more realistic, but this is a COMIC BOOK ADAPTATION...). Anna Paquin, who has been my least favorite character of the entire series, not that I disliked Rogue, but Paquin ALWAYS seems to be on the verge of tears. Rogue was someone in the comics, who, at times, revelled in her power, whereas Paquin's Rogue is sooooo incredibly saddened by her abilities (understandably, but COME ON... let her have some FUN once in a great while) that we're meant to empathize with her ultimate decision, which is also something that really bothered me. Most people in this film are just wasted... none more so than James Marsden aka Cyclops. His character is given the WORST of the fates in store for the mutant heroes, and no respect is given to him other that a passing moment at the end. That was the worst part for me because Cyclops was always my favorite X-Man, and his treatment in all of the films (worst of all this film) is upsetting to say the least. For the better part of the first decade that X-MEN was in print, the main focus of the group was Cyclops, even though they did have the foresight to have the team have an actual TEAM dynamic, as opposed to this film where it seems it's Wolverine vs. the world. It ranks amongst BATMAN AND ROBIN, ELEKTRA, and LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN as one of the worst comic book films ever made, and I recommend to read the comics and skip this film entirely.Read full review...


Special Edition Doesn't Seem To Be Worth $10 Premium

X-men "The Last Stand" is a great movie; I rate the movie a 5. I just wouldn't recommend purchasing the "special edition" DVD version. After reading both of the DVD packages, I just don't see what you're getting besides a "bonus X-men comic book" and a couple more hours of interviews, promotional video and other miscellaneous crap. The jacket on the special edition version really doesn't lead me to believe you're getting much for the additional $10.

Sorry, but I'd suggest you stay away from the special edition and just purchase the basic DVD. The basic DVD has the 3 alternate endings, lots of deleted scenes, outtakes, interview, etc.

That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it!
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This was an awful movie and it ruined the franchise!!!!

I will be brief. After two awesome X-Men movies this third one is awful. The script obviously didn't deserve to be made. The director couldn't make a good X-Men movie. Some of the actors actually look like they are there only out of contractual obligations. This ruined the franchise like batman & Robin did to that series. A minor reboot in X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be te only way to make another X-Men film after this wreck. This wasn't as brief as I thought it would be.Read full review...


Follow the other X-men movies if your a hardcore comci fan then its not for

X-Men The last stand was an ok movie not the best comic there is but tells a great story I would of done it different but like fox they have to change everything


An All Star Cast ----- An All Star Movie

X-Men the last stand is a shining example of timeless comics adapted to the big screen. This time around the X-Men have a new director and he capably fills the big shoes of his predicessor. The plot is compelling this time around and filled with surprises. The action is well done and all of the mutants show off their powers in usefull, unique ways. This movie brings all the mutant stories together, shakes them up, and let's the viewer decide where they stand. Don't miss The Last Stand!Read full review...


Great Action Movie

Now, this is one great action packed movie and that says alot coming from me because I am not into Sci-Fi Fanasty movies. I purchased this movie for my kids, and my husband because they wanted to see it so I had to sit down with them, and watch it until then I had never watched an X-Men movie before and to my surprise I really enjoyed the movie. It is definitely an action packed movie, and if you enjoy alot of action then this is the movie for you. I had never watched an X-Men movie before in my-life until this one, and now I own the first, and second movie also. I have to give this a 5 star rating out of 5.Read full review...


X-Men: The "Last" Stand?

Love the movie, it's great to see some of the great mutants use their powers. Mine turned out to be a copy, so buyers beware, but eh I still get to watch Jean Grey whip some ass.

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