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Good, Clean Fun !!

Remembering not to take things too serious when judging a film... I would rate "WITHOUT A PADDLE" a very enjoyable movie. The story line is solid/well written, and the three main characters (Green, Lillard, & Shepard) appear to enjoy a natural chemistry together. My only regret after the movie ended was that Burt Reynold's "Mountain Man" character did not have a larger role in the film. Burt, and "Bart the BEAR" gave great performances worthy of mention! By all means, give "WITHOUT A PADDLE" a chance to tickle your funnybone!!Read full review...


Without A Paddle is aptly titled

Ever wanted to know what "downstairs" means?

Your enjoyment of Without A Paddle is going to depend upon whether or not you like Seth Green and Matthew Lillard. Personally, I've always thought Green was funny and thought Lillard was a slightly less obnoxious version of David Arquette. However, the previews appealed to the baser side of my humor - so I put it in my Netflix queue.

Four lifelong friends have grown up, taking distinctly different paths in life. When one of them dies in a para-sailing accident, the remaining three (Green, Lillard, and surprisingly funny newcomer Dax Shepard) decide to take one last adventure to find some hidden treasure they were obsessed with as children that seems to be hidden in the woods somewhere. Just go with it. Think of it as Deliverance meets The Gooneys.

So, of course hi-jinks and mishaps ensue involving a bear, some rapids, a couple of hillbilly pot growers, some hot, hairy, female eco terrorists living in a tree, and Burt Reynolds. Yep, Burt Reynolds...and I thought Boogie Nights was supposed to boost his career out of stuff like this.

Then, of course, there is the "message" of the film. That being: Love what your life has become and quit living in the past once you've hit thirty. It's sort of like the great bit of wisdom given by Kevin Spacey in the phenomenal film Swimming With Sharks, "If you're not a rebel when your twenty, you've got no balls. But if you haven't turned establishment by the time you hit thirty, you've got no brain." And yeah, mentioning that movie in a review for this one makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

And that message is NOT delivered to you in a subtle way. No, you are literally beaten upside the head with it, because I can only assume that the writers felt most of the young audience this film appeals to would be too stupid to get it. This might not have been too off the mark, given the jokes in this movie.

Generally with movies like this, you need to be in a certain mood to really get any kind of enjoyment out of it. And there is a place for the goofball comedy in this world of ours. And there are some genuinely funny moments and lines that you'll get a kick out of. The chemistry of the lead actors does sometimes overcome the ho-hum script. So there's something to look forward to.

The DVD isn't bad at all, considering that you get the standard commentary from the cast and director, the "making of" feature, the trailer, and thirteen additional scenes with optional director commentary. Not bad for a movie that wasn't so great.
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This nice movie of best friends growing up, lives change for each one and through time, they are pullled back togather after one of their best friend's funeral. The direcror kept my attention all the way through the movie, and hit home on several things in life that effect ME, as well as an adventure through a wilderness where even HUMANS can NOT be trusted! The three best friends have just themselves to trust, until the meet a wild & somewhat crazy mountian man, they find to be a new best friend. Circled around a crooked sheriff, and the search of D.B.Coopers' lost fortuine, I enjoyed the movie to the extent of watching it several more times and finding other little things to laugh at.Read full review...


Without A Paddle

This is a great movie. It will keep you laughing all the way through. Plus it has a really great soundtrack as well.

The movie is about 3 guys Dan, Jerry, and Tom (Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, and Dax Shepherd) who all take a treasure hunt trip that they always wanted to do when they were younger. The reason they finally decide to go on it is because their friend Billy died, and they wanted to take the trip for Billy. Well of course as soon as the trip starts unpredictable things start to happen which leads to hilarity.

Perfect for any comedy lover.
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Without A Paddle

Without a doubt, first runner up of Dax Shepard movies. The winner for me is Zathura of course. Dax Shepard gets to show off a little more of his sexiness in Without A Paddle and more of his great acting style along with his famous Dax Shepard half grin. Something in him grabs me and hasn't let me go yet. From the first time I saw him as an ill drinker at a party on some movie I can't remember, he has continued to haunt me in my dreams and visions. Without a Paddle has humor, Dax Shepard's sexy torso later clothed in a mismatched tank from his silly britches, adventure, mystery, comedy, excitement, drama, and best of all Dax! I wish he would stop starring in R rated movies because I don't watch those and I don't want to miss one second of his acting career. Raise your standards Dax and you will be raised.Read full review...


This is a great movie with lots of funny moments.

I bought this movie because I thought it was a hilarious movie. I was laughing throughout the whole movie the first time I saw it. It has great actors and never has a dull moment.



This is an awesome movie!! It always takes me back memory lane, thinking about high school and all the good times!!
Its a great movie about friends, nature, and adventure!


Without A Paddle (DVD)

This was a good clean funny movie. Not for young children though. But I haven't laughed like this in a while. And it actually has a lesson to it. I recommend this movie to all adults whatever the age.


Without a Paddle

If you like gut-rolling funny, this is the movie for you! This movie is chock-full of side-splitting antics and outrageous comedic genius! No matter how many times I watch it, I always find myself laughing just as hard as the time before.Read full review...


Funny again and again.

Great movie for all ages! You can watch it over and over again! Funny from start to finish and it never gets old!

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