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Wipe Out Xbox game

I bought for my two boys and some of their friends when they came over to play during summer break. It's something for them to do and perhaps get some exercise out of it, instead of sitting on their tushes all day or be bored which is the root cause of all evils. They seemed to enjoy and had a lot of fun playing it. I got to say it was not a bad investment.Read full review...

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good fun game

We love watching Wipeout and were really excited about getting this game. We do like playing it, but a few flaws really take away from the fun.

Character tracking with kinect is sometimes hit or miss, especially when playing with a family of different sized people. Ranging from adult to 4-years, sometimes we need to adjust the kinect between players.

Several times, and in different areas of the course, our players got stuck in a wall or obstacle that they're not supposed to. For instance we jumped to a platform, and we got stuck halfway IN it with our legs being sunk into it (an impossible situation). It's an example of the game not knowing the correct boundaries. Nothing you can do can get you unstuck - you can go backward, jump, run, climb, or anything, nor can you skip the obstacle. This means you have to quit the game and start over! This happens too often and in more than one course, so it's not just an obscure one-time glitch.
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It is still fun to play and gets you off the couch and moving.

It is hard to get used to the rhythm of the game and is a bit frustrating. When moving through the obstacle course it is slightly glitchy for lack of a better word. It doesn't always stop exactly when you do, so you wipe-out more than you should. Patience is the way to go on this one, especially at the beginning. If you tend to get mad at games easily, this may not be the best game. It is still fun to play and gets you off the couch and moving.

Game has locked up once.
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It is an O.k game

This game is O.K. My family loves the show so why not play the video game?

This game in particular is a little more difficult to master than most I have played. It definitely takes patience and gets a little redundant has you have to redo the same activity over and over until you can pass. Which really sucks if you are having a hard time getting your character in the game to move the way you want them to. There is a practice option, as you can master skills before you try to run an obstacle course. However that is not my style.Read full review...



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Awesome game, and great price

The game is great! Very very physical and you will be exhausted. There is a lot of jumping and bending down. Great for the kids to get tired out and a great exercise regimin. I would hate to be on the real game as I would not make it past the very first obstacle. I would recommend this game to children of all ages and adults who are fit.Read full review...


No Big Balls..just big bust!

I bought this for my 9 year old grand-son,he loves "Wipe-out" & just got Kinnect for his X Box 360 .(w/ His own money that he has saved)

Poor kid played for a while but the game kept sticking on certain move-ments and now it sits in it's box..

great waste of a lot of money........

there is nothing we like about this game except for the fact you actually hear Jim Henson's voice......

Instead of big balls..I say big bust!

I think the regular games are far better than should have left that to Wii.
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pretty fun game!

pretty fun game! Graphics are good and works really well with the kinect! Overall satisfied with this item and would recommend to a friend! The games are a bit easy though.. It would have been nice if the Hard levels were a bit harder.Read full review...


best game ever my kids love this one my 8y plays it all the time so thanks

My kids and I absolutely love this game thanks it makes family time better we play it as a family game 4 times a week and my kids play it daily


Fun Game. great workout lol

Game is fun. and quite the workout!! Only downside to it is, it can be a little slow on catching your movements sometimes...example, when you jump, it doesnt read it & so you fall. Could be just a kinect thing. My kids enjoy this game is all that matters!Read full review...

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