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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Family prevails in a raw and hard land......

This is a raw gritty film..set in American poverty...where "la otra economia" as in 'Meth Labs' are the only way for some folks to make a dollar...a teen...Jennifer is trying to hold her family together a Mom who is "dim" a missing Dad who may be on the run from drug charges or dead..and two younger siblings a boy and a girl..Dad has put the "house and land up to make Bond and Jennifer is faced with the loss of all..She is a stand-up person in a community that tolerates no weakness ...The casting of this film is outstanding...There are moments of humanity when neighbors help her out...but she finds "blood Kin" to be falling short of the mark when she reaches out to 'The Big Man" in the community and is sent away..she persists and is beaten badly by 3 women of the Big Man..after the beating The Big Man listens to her problem..she must find her Dad dead or alive and bring him or his body to the bondsman or lose everything....The 3 women who beat her are sent to her by Big Man to solve her problem in a very handy way...this is an outstanding film...I have said enough....WATCH THIS FILM!!!!!Read full review...


Winter's Bone is EXCELENT Very Informative, real to life, and well done.

I read mixed reviews about this movie. But I feel that is was done very well, they used local people from the area it was filmed and it had a very truthful feeling about it. It shows some of the plight and just what is going on in some of the backwoods area's of our own country where jobs are scarce, and survival is what counts, and just what people will do to make a living and what does happen to people when they associate with unsavory characters that will do anything to hide there ill-legal activities. I think everyone should watch this movie, Jenifer Lawrence does an excellent job and so do all the locals that were used in the making of this movie. Keeps you glued to your seat for what is coming next. Excellent a 10 in my bookRead full review...


Jennifer Lawerence is Perfct in This Role! Perfect Movie!!

My parents were raised in the Appalachian Mountains, and I and my siblings spent a great deal of our childhoods with are Grandparents in those mountains. This movie is spot on about how clannish country folk can be. In my childhood it was bootlegging not meth being made and sold, and people were murdered over it just as portrayed in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence performance is one I will never forget. It was completely believable, and I felt she was the character she was playing. Her acting comes across as being effortless. I feel she should have won the best actress Oscar for this role. It is one of the best movies I have seen in my 53 years.Read full review...


Very Real

Very accurate of Southern Missouri. Everything from the housing to the drugs to the landscape and cloudy weather. I felt like I was back there. Horrible place to live.


Great movie!

This movie is really good! Kept me on the edge the whole time! A lot of suspense, and details are crazy!

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Hard to watch

Some folks might enjoy watching a bunch of strangers wallowing in the filth that they themselves have created. I don't. I was hoping this was a movie about mountain folks like me and my relatives and our country lifestyle. It wasn't. Instead, it was about a bunch of "white trash" people who intentionally destroy their own lives through their own stupidity....and they just happened to be Ozark country folk. It's damned hard to feel any sympathy for the family when they themselves continually create the circumstances that the producers of this film want you to be in sympathy with them over. Does anyone really give a damn about the father when you find out that he has voluntarily dumped his own wife and children on the street all the while cooking up his precious meth? Does anyone really care if the mother has fried her brain on meth/crack to the point that she's a vegetable? These people are like the perpetual "homeless" guy on the city street corner....no matter how much *you* pour into helping him, he's going to be right there on that corner tomorrow and the next day and the next. You soon realize that his problems are for the most part self created. Eventually, you stop giving a damn.

If you want to watch a great movie about mountain kids living on their own standing up to the world, buy a copy of "Where the Lilies Bloom".
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Great movie. It shows the will and the strength that a young women can have to provide for her love ones when her parents can't. It show love and courage.


One of her worst Movies

This movie is slow going, boring unless you are into white trash meth heads from the Ozarks.... blah


entertaining- this is a movie to watch again & again

Entertaining, had my attention right to the end- Dysfunctional family, drugs and a depressed mother- A lot of responsibility for a young girl to take on, caring for her siblings- Have watched this multiple times and you will also, its that intriguing- Written well!Read full review...


Provided a cheap and enjoyable night at home

The Winter Bone DVD was well acted, written and produced. It was bought at my wife's request and surprisingly I enjoyed it as well! Lol. It's a movie for all types of movie fans and will interest most anyone in my opinion. Original story line played out beautifully. A movie worth watching again and maybe again!Read full review...

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