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Big Red Boat

This DVD wouldn't play in our main unit. It did work in another unit, but not the preferred one.

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Great DVD!

I bought this DVD for my 1-year-old daughter because it had some of the newer songs on it (Big Red Boat, Do The Owl) and also some old favorites (Captain's Magic Buttons, Ponies, Dressing Up, etc.). While watching it, I realized that the segments in between the songs are the same ones from "The Wiggles Show" currently airing on The Disney Channel. My daughter loves that show and watches it every morning. Now we have a compilation of all of the shows on one DVD. It keeps her entertained for hours. It is my new tool for getting some uninterrupted housework done! I highly recommend this DVD. It is cute and fun and I just love the silliness of The Wiggles! My daughter and my older two children love it as well!Read full review...


Splish Splash Big Red Boat

I bought this DVD used for my 1 year old. I have gotten a few wiggles DVD's for my son that he didnt really seem into, but this one holds his full attention. cute songs, moves nice from one thing to the next. My husband and I watch these movies with my son and we really enjoy the fact that the wiggles always seem to promote something good. be it eating right, or looking both ways before you cross the road. This movie would be a great add on to any collection or the start of one!Read full review...


Never fails to delight!

My daughter loves this dvd. She sees the bubbles and her smile can light up the room. This dvd does not fail in making children laugh, great purchase!


Good video

My 8 year old autistic son loves the wiggles. This has more great songs and colorful pictures. He loves it and will watch it over and over.



Daughter loves the Wiggles and this one had good reviews. Typical singing and dancing. Mildly educational with a couple songs in Italian and Spanish.


The Wiggles

Great videos. My nieces and nephews love them and it keeps them happy for a very long time. I would reccomend these to anyone!


The Wiggles - Splish Splash Big Red Boat

As a grandparent I was not crazy about the movie, but my grandson is happy and loves the Wiggles. If you are a Wiggles fan as my grandson is this is a great movie! The movie is from 2006 making it one of their later ones.Read full review...


The Wiggles-Splish Splash Big Red Boat DVD

My son and I love The Wiggles. We didn't have this DVD in our collection and now we do. We like the songs.

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