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Quiet100% agree

Fast72% agree

Reliable100% agree


High capacity. Low price

I bought this drive to consolidate media from two 320GB and one 500GB hard drive (all of which were bursting at the seams in space) onto a single medium, while preparing for future additions to my digital media collection.

If this is your reason for buying this drive, do not let the 5400RPM scare you. It took mine 4 days to format (it is a HUGE drive, 2.72TB after formatting), and quite a while to copy all of my media over, but now that the media is there, it is easy to maintain and easy to use. You will need to convert the format to GPT instead of MBR (Which is limited to 2.2TB) in order to format as a single drive. It is not recommended as an operating system drive (as explained on reviews elsewhere for this drive). But I am trusting all of my media to it. After all, the lower speed means less wear and tear on the hardware and could add to the drive's longevity. If you are looking for a place to store a large volume of media, while looking for a capacity that will not be considered obsolete in the near future, then this drive is for you.
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Excellent Hard Drive

Hard Drive was tested professionally on my PC - absolutely no any problems, no bad sectors, etc. Thank you very much for professionalism and very reasonable price! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: poweroftec


An excellent buy

I use the drive for external backup of a "bare-bones" PC. I have run into problems getting the computer to recognize the drive, but that appears to be due to the way the PC itself is set up rather than being a fault of the drive. Saving and retrieving data is very fast and reliable. Even after shelling out money for a USB-compatible enclosure that would work with a higher-capacity (i.e.: over 1TB) hard drive, I still spent less than I would have for a new in-the-box 3TB drive without the additional interface.Read full review...


Good drive, Low power usage. Spin down when idle.

I have a RAID (actually ZFS RaidZ1) array with 7 WD disks and one Seagate. The WDs run cool, averaging about 35°C when active. That's just perfect. They spin down when not in use to save wear on the bearings. I recommend them. Good price. Have used WD for years. Yes, there have been a few failures but not a high percentage.Read full review...


Great value - Awesome price for 3TB brand new WD green drive

Brand new WD green 3 TB very low price. I bought a few Seagate from another guy, turned out to be used drives. This is sealed brand new drive... excellent. He is right about windows not recognizing the whole 3TB. Windows will not partition more than 2 TB as dynamic or active partition. What this means is that if you are going to use this as the only drive in your system and have to install operating system in this you can only use 2TB.

Otherwise you can partition it as GPT type which won't be any good for system files so you won't be able to install operating system. But GPT partition will store and read the entire 3TB. Its good for media files and stuff that is totally unrelated to the system files.

I use it as a second drive for my media files in HTPC.
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High capacity, reliable drive that doesn't use alot of power.

The Western Digital Green series drives offer a great value. They are not the fastest drives, but they are not intended to be. They are not intended to be boot drives, and if use one for a boot drive you have done the drive and yourself a disservice.

They are intended to be high capacity drives that are reliable and conserve power. They do this very well.
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super quiet super cool

great quiet and cool performance
used in my OWC housing and it performs flawlessly
far superior to barracudas which are noisy and hot


Good storage. Good price

This is an excellent product.. Just remember that you can't use this on a non 64bit system and you have to have a computer that has an EFI Bios; the only exception is if you have buy an HBA with a PCI-E slot so you can run up to at least 6gpbs(with this drive that is the case) You can set the bios on your HBA to run at the right speed of your large drive.Read full review...


Good drive, great price.

Purchased this drive to upgrade my Tivo's storage. Drive works great and is quiet.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: goharddrive


These WD hds are an excellent choice for a server or regular pc.

I'm setting up a personal server(1st time)and have chosen Western Digital Caviar Green 3 TB hard drives for the job. Long time WD consumer and been pretty much satisfied with their products. Price, size, and WD reliability led me to this hd and for me the red or black enterprise hds were not necessary. The greens are just fine to hold my movies and pics.Read full review...

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