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Quiet100% agree

Fast100% agree

Reliable100% agree


Works like new

Came working great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: wingdinger


High Reliability, Fast, and Quiet. Great!

The Caviar Black is great. Enterprise reliability, fast data transfer, quiet. What more do you want?
I've had Seagate barracudas, Hitachi's, Samsungs, and standard WD drives, all rated 75-90 MB/s writes, and the best they can muster is 38 MB/s. The Black's can really do 75-90.
I love it.
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This Drive Flat Screams

I won the auction for this WD 750 GB SATA Hard Drive a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed with how fast I was able to access all of the data I transferred to it, I mean super sonic fast! It has more than enough cache at 32mb & storage room for years... I am very happy & recommend this particular drive for all needs...Read full review...


Outstanding hard drive

This is an excellent, excellent hard drive... I would recommend this type of Caviar Black to anyone.


No More Seagate

I've switched back to Western Digital because I have 6 dead Seagates sitting here from customers in the last month, nevermind 3 of my own that just went dead sitting in a computer that I hadn't used in a few months. I've been seeing a lot of DOA's and returns of Seagates from online reviews so I'll be going Western Digital exclusively for a while until Seagate decides to start making a quality product again... It's to bad because I have a couple of Seagates that are over 10 years old that still run fine.

Oh Well,

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Love it. Works great and runs cool. My 1st one. A+

Had 250gig HDD that came with Dell Inspiron 530. Installed this Hdd and using the other as a storage disk. Its a WD also. Plenting of room to do the things I want (light gaming and office work. Price was decent and my system is quite fast for me. Easy to install and setup. I am a WD customer forever.Read full review...


750 GB SATA on HDX 1000

This Hard drive is beng used with my HDX 1000, and I have to say that it works flawlessly , very fast and reliable drive, I couldn't ask for more.


A must have!

This hard drive is a little noiser than my 2 seagates, but a whole lot faster.
I would recommend buying this drive if you're looking to purchase a new one.


WD 750gb SATA Black

Needed a new HD to go with my newly rebuilt system. This will go great w/ 64bit system and Windows 7 Pro. I have had several WD drives for many years, and not been disappointed with them. Great for the money.Read full review...


Excellent condition.

Exelent hard disk, under perfect conditions good price. it installs it in my computer and then it installs him the windows 7 and it's works of marvels.

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