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Would recommend100% agree

Good value100% agree

Compelling content100% agree


smooth and timely transaction-would buy again

good recipes that the whole family can eat-all recipes are broken down into the components and points are given-some different ways to fix chicken-this recipe book doesn't call for two many weird seasonings-easy to calculate your points for any meal-the pages are slick so can be wiped off.Read full review...


Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook 2007 Hardcover Spiral

I'm thrilled with this cookbook. The recipes I've tried are very good to excellent. The recipes are easy to use with minimal ingredients, quick to prepare, uses fresh vegetables. Makes you feel like you're a real cook even though you're really just doing the basics. And the nutritional content of the prepared food and calories per serving are listed for each dish, which is great if you're following a fitness plan. The serving portions of each meal are perfect,not eating for 2 people or not a small plate. And the spiral hardcover is easy to use and find the recipe you're looking for. If you love to eat healthy and enjoy the taste of your food, I would recommend this book.Read full review...


Great cookbook

I have tried several dishes from this cookbook and have enjoyed them all and stayed within my points.

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The dishes are delightful

I recently joined WW and I like the book. However some of the receipes call for ingredients that I don't normally use or stock so I would have to purchase extra things just to make a one time meal. Tried quite a few of the meals. Very tasty
and easy to prepare. GM
Read full review...


Great value for the money!

This book contains a great variety of easy to follow recipes. The recipes include ingredients that are easy to obtain and usually inexpensive. If cooking for one person you will have some leftovers, which could be good for a busy lifestyle.Read full review...


A good quick reference

A great source for complete meal planning AND for stealing ideas for similar dishes. Ebay insists on 100 characters for this review but I think what I've written says it all except to reccommend that Ebay get a life!... Nobody's being paid to take the time to write these "reviews" and someone at Ebay needs to be reminded of that fact.Read full review...


Great cook book and tasty recipies

Easy to find the recipe you are looking for. bound in a 3 ring binder type holder, easy to use and many pictures make using this book a breeze. The weight watcher cook book is also an easy way to help you loose weight as you explore many old favorites as well as new and exciting taste temptations.Read full review...


Great recipes!

Lots of good, low-fat recipes for those of us who must watch those things! Simple and easy to follow. And they taste great too!


May be good for you, but not for us.

I'm sorry but I didn't like it, gave it away to the library book swap. No many recipes my family would eat.


Great Buy

I love this book! It's full of many great recipes, all of which are very healthy AND delicious! I love cooking now that I have this cookbook!

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