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One word. Excellent

The picture quality is fantastic and plays most channels perfectly when in widescreen. The availability of connections for other devices is modest. I have seen other tv's with more connections available, but for the average user it is more than enough. The menu functionality is easy to use and clear, and the remote itself is pretty quick to learn and use to navigate. The sound from the speakers is fantastic as well. I found that you can leave the volume low and utilize other units connected to get a great sound from it. The only time I turn it up is when using with my Xbox 360. But my receiver and dvd player play nice and crisp without over-utilizing the volume control. I am very happy with this tv, and for the price whether new or used is worth it in my opinion!Read full review...


The Best TV for this great price!

I bought the Vizio E320VL 32'' LCD Television one month ago as a birthday's gift for my mother in law and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this TV. It very easy to use and has great sound and amuzing pictures. My only complaint is that the handy remote is too small to use for a senior citizen. I'd recommend the TV if you're on a budget.Read full review...


ok, ok, ok

After reading all the +'s and -'s about this tv, I figured what the heck, free updates for life, etc.

Downloaded tv Home, do that first, it's free from TomTom.com and create an account for yourself before you connect the GPS to your computer! Followed the instructions and attached the GPS to my computer. I typed in the promo code for free updates and it accepted the code. Next I checked the box for the update and clicked on next. The update started and I left it alone, took just over 1 hour to update. No problems so far. I hooked the suction cup on my windshield, again following the direction, the suction cup is super strong. It didn't work the first time but after readjusting the twist ring counter clockwise and turning it clockwise to attach, it was on the glass super strong! Next, attaching the unit to the ring. I can see how this discourages some folks, it is a little tricky but I found by first putting in the bottom of the GPS unit into the ring first and gently snapping it in at the top, the unit styed put all day long, no problems. Well, that's about it, other than picking a voice, putting in my home address and using the unit. All in all, this unit is very easy to use, from the download update to operating the unit. The screen is very nice and the voice giving directions is very good too. I am sure there are a few lemons out there but mine worked great right out of the box, and I do admit, I did read the little booklet of instructions; no all of them but the high points and all worked great. I have owned other GPS units and have had good luck with all of them but with free updates, this unit will pay for itself in a couple of years, what's not to like?Read full review...


Very nice flat screen

I bought this to replace a large heavy CRT model I had down the cellar in my mancave. The picture is excellent and the menu is easy to use with HDMI devices,PCs,Game systems,Cable ect...
When the lights are out, you can see where the TV is because the word VISIO in yellow letters displays it's location. The letters turn to mellow white when the TV is switched on. All of the features that can be accessed by the remote can also be accessed from the side of the TV on the back.This will come in handy because I always misplace my remotes. I am very happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to do business again with this model or the seller who did such a good job thoughout the entire process.

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First Time HDTV Buyer

Beautiful picture that is better than I expected and I'm just using an outdoor antenna. This is my first HDTV and I was very skeptical of the Vizio line. The setup took a little figuring out, but after a few tries it works great. The TV guide feature is a real plus as you don't have to guess at what's going to be playing next.
Some TV's have a volume issue but not here, because it has plenty of volume. At the price I got it for, this was a excellent buy. Some people claim that this is a budget TV but it has all the features and quality that I would hope for. You can't go wrong with this model. I'm very well pleased with it!
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This is the best TV we've ever bought!

My wife has a medical condition which forces her to spend several of her waking hours flat on her back, in bed. In an effort to relieve her boredom, I decided to purchase the Vizio for her, as a Christmas gift.

I installed it rather high on the wall---sort of "Hospital Style"---so she can comfortably view it from the bed.

The unit is large enough, and the pictures (chrystal)Clear enough for her to easily see from her vantage point. The speaker system is great, as well. I had thought that I might need to add auxiliary speakers, but that has proven completely unnecessary.

Installation was very easy. The unit is quite light weight, so I was able to mount it without assistance. Documentation which accompanied the TV guides the user "step by step" through the initial programming.

The Vizio logo on the front even serves as a bit of a night light, when the lights are out!

My only mistake in purchasing it is that I bought only one! Fortunately, that mistake is easily remedied!
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Nice Television

I am not in electronics person. If it has too many buttons and instructions, I get crazily confused. This television is easy to set up. There are multiple ways it can be set up, so, if you have cable, a dish, or just an antenna, the back of the television will have different ports for all your connections. It comes with 2 HDMI ports so you can use it to watch movies and videos on your computer by hooking it up as your monitor or getting a VGA splitter and hooking your monitor and television to your computer. You can also use the HDMI port to get the best out of your new HD television. This television says that it is only 480i but don't let that stop you from buying it. If your programming is in 1080i, your television can be set to 1080i through the television or your cable settings. Overall, this is a very nice television for the price. It is a little on the small side but, I am planning on putting this one in my bedroom and getting a bigger one for the livingroom someday. I think I will stick with Vizio. They make a solid, quality product you can depend on.Read full review...


Great sound, vivid picture quality

My eyes have been getting older (not me, just my eyesight) and could no longer see the 20" TV in my bedroom very well. Also my old LCD had terrible sound. The speakers were behind it and the sound went straight into the wall! So I opted for a Visio because I had seen the speakers in the front of some models and had read comments about how good the sound was. I am so happy with my choice because this has great sound and picture quality. I was also able to get a 32" instead of the 26" I originally looked for because the price for this used/refurbished version was better than any of the 26" I had researched. The sound comes in so clear, I can hear it from the kitchen in the morning as I get ready for work. It's a brand new TV to me. Can't find anything wrong with it. This a fabulous bargain, and would buy one again in a heartbeat.Read full review...


Great affordable tv.

Not the greatest tv on earth but it's afford-ability and picture quality are great. I'm using it as my monitor right now to write this review. Very crisp picture quality. Vizio tv's are aesthetically pleasing both on the screen and the tv itself. Plus the 32" size makes it perfect for my dorm room. It's large enough that I can have people over, but small enough that I don't seem like a rich jerk. Buy one through Gamevolution. Their prices and service are fantastic. Great ebay seller.Read full review...


Vizio E320VL 32'' LCD Television

what is use this as a computer monitor because I have vision problems. Computer hook up was instantaneous and without difficulty. The colors are really nice and adjusting brightness, contrast etc. was accomplished without difficulty. We also have it hooked up as a television (via a cable box) and that works flawlessly as well. No qualms whatsoever. The sound quality is appropriate for the price. I didn't expect super stereophonic sound but the sound is quite adequate. I am hearing impaired and I use the captions. No trouble there either. In fact all the controls are easy use with a little common sense. I would buy this again without reservation!Read full review...

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