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U get what U pay 4. If for a kid - OK - but adults - go 4 a better unit.

I purchased this tablet for my 5 year old for Chirstmas so that she could use all the great Android educational apps out there. My seller had a 30 day exchange policy which I ended up using to get a better quality tablet with a capacitive touch screen instead of the resistive touch screen which this unit has.

While this item did work - it was not very responsive and was incredibly slow - somthing which my seller warned me about ahead of time when I contacted him about the initial purchase. I think that with the meagar 256k RAM it is simply underpowered. The unit itself felt fairly good in the hand - but the unit I exchaged it for was a bit heavier feeling for a good solid make. My seller had a rooted version with the real American Android market - not the cheap China market. I did research this quite extensively before purchasing.

Overall - if you don't mind slow and resitive touch screens - go for this unit - but for the extra $65 - I got a much faster capacitive touch screen model with 512 RAM and more storage. No matter what unit you get - get a square trade warrenty - it's worth it in the end for your peace of mind.

I purchased mine through Dealz_Central and they were wonderful to work with. Even though this unit was not what I wanted - the one I replaced it with was awesome.

The unit I replace it with was a ZT180 Upad ($145 at the time) with capacitive screen and the cortex A9 processor - 512 RAm and 2GB storage (expandable through the micro SC card slot). My daughter and her father have played with it non-stop since Christmas day (10 days ago now) and there have been not glitches.
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Inexpensive, but not top of the line E-tablet ( U get what U pay 4 )

I have had this unit for a month. I find it will download apps for the android market, play youtube videos, play games, and make a good Ereader. There are issues sometimes with the resistive display. (it just will not operate at times) I will have to re-boot the unit, then it will start working correctly. Surfing on the web, it seems to download web-pages at about a 15-20 second rate, if it will download. (I rate it as slow, though I am used to a i7 quad core laptop).
I purchased 2 of these for the wife and I. Shipping was fairly quick (4 days).
I use mine for an e-reader and playing chess. The wife just lets hers sit on the shelf. I did have a problem when I first received it staying connected to wi-fi connections, but it seems to stay connected now with no known issues.
I actually tried to sell mine at first and obtain a capacitive type E-tablet, but have resigned to just using this one until next Christmas season.
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Fun, versatile, innovative, and ease of use.

ANDROID VIA WM8650 2GB, Wi-Fi, 7in – Silver Review
The device arrived new and loaded with cool things to tinker around. It is an addition to my Kindle Fire. The Android has a keyboard that is easily accessed, used, and is attached to a very sturdy and nice leather case. Two pointer pens are included along with a USB/DSL attachment needed to operate the keyboard. It would be better if this was a part of the system itself, but beggars can’t be choosers. The Wi-Fi worked flawlessly. There is a small camera built in for taking photos or video of yourself, but none on the opposite side. I still haven’t figured out what program to use for face time or conferencing, but I will soon. I did have some trouble learning the new system and getting the time and date format, and place to change correctly, but after a few hours, I was working around the new toy and making sense of all the new things I can do that I can’t do with other gadgets I have. I still carry my Kindle Fire with the Droid. Both are a good combination for what I do. I also have a netbook computer that I carry in my bag as well. The three of these combined complete my needs for computer, reading, contract making and signing, calendar needs, email, and conference calling. The battery life of the Droid has a very low rating and is in need of constant recharge. The storage space is limited, but a 32-gigabyte SD card fixed that problem. There are also the options for Drop Box and iCloud services if you have those accounts. I went to the APPS pages and downloaded a few apps such as a virus protection for the Droid, and it works nicely. The screen is brilliant and has a very good resolution with pixel rating in my opinion. Buttons are easily accessible for on/off and other function buttons for quick access to programs. This device also allows hot buttons to access my favorite programs quickly and effortlessly. Over all I give the ANDROID VIA WM8650 2GB, Wi-Fi, 7in – Silver a four star rating.Read full review...


if u get one, keep the reciept!!!

Well lets start with i wasnt very impressed at all. Battery doesnt hold a charge for very long at all, had software glitches right out out of the box as the real android market wouldnt work because of authentication failures. Second i understood that it didnt come with bluetooth but it also didnt even support a external bt adapter nor can it be upgraded to support bt. Essentially this means the usb ports are unless u use a external hd or a china-approved 3g dongle. I'm actually trying to sell it so that i can get something that will actually work for what i want. I know that i get what i pay for but everything from sunglasses to cell phones have bluetooth these days and the entire market for tablet accessories is built around around it. If u are in the market for a tablet, spend $50 more and save urself the heartbreak.Read full review...


Good 4 kids! Adults need to spend more $ for size and movies.

The device arrived used with cool things to tinker around. The Wi-Fi worked flawlessly. There is a small camera built in for taking photos or video of yourself, but none on the opposite side. The battery life of the tablet has a very low rating and is in need of constant recharge. The storage space is limited, but a 32-gigabyte SD card will fix that problem. The screen is brilliant and has a very good resolution with pixel rating in my opinion, but the screen is harder to press than a capacitative screen. The stylus included was a big help. Buttons are easily accessible for on/off and other function buttons for quick access to programs. Navigating the desktop and surfing the internet were a breeze. The only qualm about this is that Netflix does not work. I read reviews about it, and the Netflix app didn't work for a lot of Android users, so at least I didn't feel alone. I sold the tablet because of that. For the tablet itself though I give it a four star rating.Read full review...


Piece of garbage, waste of money and resources.

I bought this because on paper it looks good. WRONG.

If you took your money and lit it on fire you would get more satisfaction than trying to use this piece of garbage. The best feature is the "try to type a url" on the pressure sensitive screen - Lots of fun with the random character generator it must use. Oh, don't use your fingernail on the screen because it's plastic and scratches easier than cheap sunglasses. Battery life? By the time you can correctly enter a url, the battery will be dead. This is almost as bad as the "free 35mm camera" that was used as incentives to attend timeshare presentations. This device is a complete waste of resources. Save your money and buy a good pad, or flush your dollars down the toilet and save on shipping.Read full review...


Great Excellent product, great price.

I bought this product for a birthday gift for my granddaughter. My granddaughter really liked the birthday gift that she carries it around with her wherever she goes.
She wanted me to get her a sim card which really I am not sure that she is talking about.
The product is really handy and it is alot convienent in size to carry around and the capability is just like having an Ipad II and a better pricing.
I would recommend this item to all of my friends.

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Poor battery life, finicky touchscreen, doesn't work with us android market

Battery life is very low, barely over an hour. Touch screen you have to push very hard on to get it to work. product doesn't work out of the box with the USA android marketplace. There are lots of these around, and good communities of hackers available for them, so ultimatly you can get them working fairly well. If your a tinkerer that doesn't mind replacing the firmware on the device, then your gonna let your kids play with it, it would be ok. But for my own personal use, it is WAY to slow. That said, my 7 year old LOVES IT.Read full review...


its ok but wouldnt purchase another like this

bought this for my teenage daughter for her first tablet. for price its good only thing about i dont like is it really doesnt respond to finger touch all that well. does come with stylis pen but as teenagers do lose things without the pen it wont respond well. pixels also going out on it after only having it a couple days. but over all it was a good deal for a first time tablet.Read full review...


If you don't have a choice ok but better get a Kindle.

You really get what you pay for with this unit. The touch screen is not like in a phone or a full price tablet. Battery doesn't last very long. You need to use a memory card to read any books. I thought it would be a good entry tablet for my family but it is really not worth the money. It's ok for a kid, I guess but for me it was agony. Better save some money and buy a real tablet.Read full review...

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