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A very good sequel

New Moon takes up right where Twilight left off. This sequel is just as entertaining as the original movie and fans will not be disappointed. Bella (Kristen Stewart) is celebrating her birthday and the others have all planned a party for her. From there things take off and we find out that the Vampires are not the only things that are around town. When he realizes that his presence is endangering the life of Bella, Edward (Robert Pattinson) decides to take off and leave everything he loves behind.

This is a very good sequel to the award winning movie Twilight and the viewer will get caught up in the saga just like in the first movie.

Additional Case includes: Alex Meraz, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Bronson Pelletier, Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley, Chaske Spencer, Christopher Heyerdahl, Dakota Fanning, and Tyson Houseman

If you enjoyed the first movie, you will love this one.
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The Twilight Saga's New moon (DVD, 2010)

A plot of a real mixed-up girl who falls in love with a vampire, and a werewolf, and both the vampire, and werewolf only do good. Sounds like a liberal wrote this one. The vampire can walk in the day-time. The girl wants to give her soul away, and forever be a vampire. She has no idea what a Soul is??? Good movie over-all, not the tradition Vampires VS Werewolf movie. Few F words. Good acting. Christians show as weak, and just carrying idols which don't affect the vampires. Long movie, and more of a love story of a 18 year old girl kissing a dead person, and loving it. (Vampire) You should see what my daughter picked? Bring the vampire. :)Read full review...


Must SEE!!

My Daughter and I loved this Movie!! We were soo excited when it came out.New Moon covered the book really well with some minor exceptions. once you got to the middle of the movie, it kind of felt like the director put on the fast forward button and everything was rushed together, even with the rush though it was nice that they did cover the most important parts of the book... Also alice seemed more old fashioned instead of care free and edward was always in a suit??? It just threw me off.. Even though I say this I have watched the movie over and over again. I just can't get enough of this twight series!!Read full review...



I am 61 years old. This movie is not just for a younger audiance. I found this movie EXCEPTIONAL! Not another gory, bite-on-the-neck flick, but, a timeless story told with love, grace and intelligence. The acting is outstanding and believable. The Author managed to capture the souls of the characters.
There are only pros to this movie and no cons....if you want to experience a well written and acted movie, then see The Twilight's Saga: New Moon...and don't worry how old you are, everyone will love it. ALSO, recommended is Twilight. This is a Saga...4 books are written and 4 movies will be made. Twilight Eclipse (3rd movie) will be out June 30th.
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OK, I'm a sheep following the herd.

I've read all the books, bought both the videos and music. I can't wait for the next movie and hope there is more to come! I know it's not meant for old geezers like me but I don't care.

I guess you could say I'm addicted...and I don't care. I can understand why people think we're just being manipulated to do it but what is the difference between Twilight and NFL, NBA, Dancing with American Idols or Harry Potter. My life / MY Addiction.
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My New Moon Experience

I love this movie along with the entire series. I saw the movie about seven times and decided to buy it as soon as it came out, but, it was too expensive. The story of this movie is so captivating you can't but help be addicted. I do believe that this movie was better than the first. The whole theme was lighter, the whole cast is Gold. A perfect story, a perfect movie and a perfect DVD as well. Thanks to ebay I now have a chance to watch it anytime without killing myself for paying the retail price.Read full review...


twilight saga

I love the twilight saga. Ive read all the books and the movies so far has gone right along with the books. Cant wait for the next 2 movies to come out. Ive read that the final book may be broken down into 2 movies. That would be awesome cause theres alot that goes on. Whoever is into this saga and hasnt read the books, you in for a real treat as the story continues.Read full review...



Didn't enjoy the first one and didn't get the hype until I saw this and it grabbed me instantly. I went and read the entire collection and am now waiting for Eclipse to come out.
I fell in love with the characters and am hoping that there will be a final book annihilating the Vulturi. That would be a great final ending and I hope it becomes reality.Read full review...


Twilight Saga's New Moon

This movie is even better than the first one. Can't wait until the Twilight Eclipse comes out. The story line I think is great and the actors are the best. They really bring the story to life. Well worth the watch.Read full review...


Excellent item, I am so happy about my purchase!

I liked the movie, no complaints about it. It's original with all the disc extra features, the presentation an cover was also good.

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