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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Better than the origninal

This was far superior than the great John Wayne version who never caould really act. The worst part was Bridges riding a fake horse days on end on a sound stage. Couldn't they afford a real horse and film it outdoors? It was so fake I had a good laugh.Read full review...


Three hunky macho men, a strong young woman, what more would you want!

Exciting but not too cruel; believable for the time it took place; full of action and a brave young girl in a cruel world of reality. Loved it!

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True Grit

Not quite as good as the original, but very good! Fun and entertaining, some edge of your seat moments!


Better Rooster, Mattie, LaBoeuf ... better Western altogether. Worth it.

Although considered blasphemy, the depiction of Rooster Cogburn by Jeff Bridges is much better than John Wayne's. Wayne is a legend, and many consider him to be the ultimate American/Cowboy/Patriot ... but he was never the ultimate actor. Bridges and Damon strike the upper limit of acting chemistry while Hailee Steinfeld delivers a flawless depiction of the character Mattie Ross ... with a lot more realism and sand! The unexpected character of Forester (The Bear Man) just adds to the mix; everyone seems to love him. This movie portrays characters which are very human, sometimes even humorous ... the language is accurate for the period, too, without being ponderous. This is a truly great western movie that you will find yourself replaying in segments to relive your favorite parts. YouTube will give you a good taste, if you want to see what I mean. Buy it.Read full review...


Great movie

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Excellent remake of an ok original

I really enjoyed True Grit, everything you would expect in a western, and much better than the original with John Wayne

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great movie

acting is superb!!!

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enjoyed, good product as promissed.

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he's no john wayne

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I very much enjoyed this film and I will watch it more than once.

I purchased this DVD because of the movie title and the cast, particularly the actor in the lead role. I saw and remember the original version of the movie starring John Wayne. I also admire the Coen brothers and, although I don't always enjoy their films, I respect their ability to tell a story.

I thought this story was rendered very well and scripted very close to the original movie. The imagery and the character development are excellent.

I would definitely recommend this film to others. It's very much worth the time.
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