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The DVD I received was in great shape, and played just fine! A nice deal!

I had seen this movie before and liked it very much. It's a light hearted Christmas movie, but it's one of those zany, one crazy thing into the next films… so if you don't like that sort of thing, I'd avoid it. Nicolas Cage gets conned by his brothers (who just got out of prison), and gets wrapped up in a bank robbery in a small town, right at Christmas time. A bad snow storm and other factors (I did mention zany, right?), prevent them from making a get-a-way, and they keep getting thrown together with the town's people. Between the Sheriff, his deputies, and the FBI, things get pretty hot for the boys, not to mention complicated! Can this possibly turn out okay? Can this possibly have a happy ending? Hey, it's a Christmas movie! Add to your Christmas movie collection and watch it every year!Read full review...


Just what I expected.

Everything was great , I Love this movie and the characters, add to my collection of Christmas Movies. We watch every Christmas. Just what I expected :)

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It's got scallions!

This is the type of movie that is perfect for when you can't decide on what else to watch. The story is entertaining, and the chemistry between the brothers is great.

I like all of these actors, and even though the plot turns and devices are a little familiar, the characters are fun to watch over and over. And not just the title 3. Everyone from the boys' mother, to the jailbirds, to the cops, the deputies, and the FBI have their place in the story.

I definitely recommend it if you are a fan of any of the title actors. Also, if you just want a cute, funny, heartfelt comedy, then this may be for you.

Another movie in the same vein that I thoroughly enjoy is Clean Slate, with Dana Carvey.
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Trapped in Paradise

We have watched this movie for years now. It was a VHS tape and getting wore out. Decided to get it in a DVD and could not find it anywhere before christmas. WENT OLINE TO EBAY AND FOUND IT IN 5 MINUTES. lOVE IT . It was so easy. That is the great thing about EBAY. The movie is one of the funniest holiday movies ever. Nichalos Cage is great,Dana Carvey and Jonh Lovitz are Hilarious. This a non stop funny movie. Thanks ChuckRead full review...


full screen only

it was not lettetbox but i like the movie

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My family loves to watch this each year at Christmas. Not the typical Christmas film, but the Furpo brothers mother in the raspy voice saying I am being kidnapped on the night little baby Jesus was born is funny. Dana Carvey in his accent saying giblet gravy.
Once they steal the money from the bank which is a total calamity and then try to put it back and they learn a lesson. The whole town helps them stay out of trouble and the real bad guys get nabbed.
Very Funny holiday movie
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trapped in paradise

I got this movie to watch when I get my chemotherapy. To help the time fly by.
The movie I did not watch it yet , but it really sounds funny. I need all the funny that I can get right now. It does the body a really lot of good inside to laugh as much as possible. when something is wrong. So I would highly suggest to watch this movie and all other movies that you may think is funny as well.
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Not your typical Christmas Movie

This is not your typical Christmas movie. Nicholas Cage, Dana Carvey, and Jon Lovitz are so funny! My husband is not into Christmas moview and he'll watch this one.

Warning: some bad language. Not for small children.Read full review...


Trapped in Paradise

Wonderfull movie, very funny, great cast. I had gotten it at the library, but it was so good I had to buy it and add it to my library.



This movie was enjoyed very much by the man that I bought it for. He watches it over and over again. Great find!!!!

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