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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Good for under 7, new voices, TV quality animation

My 4 year old loves this (and the original), but for anyone expecting to have a movie of a similar quality to the original Disney flick, you will be disappointed. None of the voices for the characters are the same as the original. Terk, just not the same without Rosie O'Donnell, is the worst of the lot.

The art is in line with Disney's made for Saturday morning TV shows, quite a bit poorer than the original's art values. Beware the Cover Art of the DVD is actually superior in quality to the same image on screen, which made me (at least) assume the movie would be at the quality I saw on the cover. Not so.

All in all nothing special, had I bought it for me I would have been very upset. My son is not so picky and likes it just the same. if not more than the original because THIS one has airplanes in it!

Buyer beware
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Kids love to watch it...


Well worth the money.

The music was great. The storyline was easy to understand and kept my grandson interested. As usual Disney movies are highly entertaining and can be trusted to explain the story in a child's way without being out of line, verbally, etc.Read full review...


thank you . received today 3/28/09

it was or is new. and i'm delighted. I'm very happy with it. I've been trying to find it. I'm so glad it was on e-bay at such a good price. I have 9 grandchildren and one great-grandson and Two more coming soon. And with this movie it can be past down and watch for a long time to come. I would like to find more of the walt disney movies. so I can make sure my grand-children can grow up with the good shows.Read full review...


thank you

very good movie i hope every one gets a chance to see it.THE kids will like it alot and so eill the parents they are pretty funny.


Disney films are about family

I baught it cause it is disney and I wanted to keep my collect updated. I have a three year old granddaughter and when she visits they are the only movies that keep her attention just like they did for her grandmother. they are something the whole family can sit down and enjoy. Even my 18 year old son enjoys watching with me. I still enjoy them at my age they are timeless. There is not a thing I dislike about themRead full review...


Tarzan & Jane

My daughter has the first and second Disney Tarzan movies so I had to get her this one as well. She loves Tarzan and when I took her to Disneyland this year I had to show her his tree house. She loved that too. I did not think much about this movie, it was not as good as the other two. It was average.Read full review...


Good film

If you're a fan of the Tarzan cartoon films, I recommend this. It's 3 seperate scenarios rolled into one film. I've heard it's 3 of the TV episodes. Regardless, the stories are cute and fun.



This has always been one of my favorite movies I still cry when I watch it in the beginnig. My kids all love it and will sit and watch it all the way through and they are young so this means a lot. I love the music in this movie also. I really appreciated the speed in which i recieved this movie thanks.Read full review...


I love this DVD.

I like this DVD, it hac action, the theme talks a lot about war, and the best part the actors play a good role.

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