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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value100% agree


Could be better

This is not the worst game i have ever played, but I thought it would be better. The graphics could have been better and the fighting was terrible.You just needed to press one button. To get to the end of the level you mostly pressed three buttons. There was not really a challenge in the game, it was repetitive. First you jumped around to get places(with two buttons) then you walked for like four seconds, after that you fought some guys that were very easy to beat. There is this thing called ninja tag (that is almost impossible to not get there on time) that gives you the opportunity to call the other turtles to help you fight, to beat the bosses you just needed about two of those. The final boss is sort of a trick to beat but they give you a lot of health, but if you have the other turtles helping you...... then you beat him with about 2-3 attacks(by your other turtles.) In the end it was a very short game, there were about 14-15 levels just on a guess. Each level took about 5-6 minutes to beat so if you played a lot in 1 day you would finish it. I would not recomend it, but some people like the extremely easy games. Not worth the price.Read full review...


Simple, Entertaining, pretty good graphics

Going on a trip? This is a great game to pass the time, i liked it because it was simple to play. And you dont have to repeat it over and over because its not so tricky. Great for someone who just wants to have a good time playing their Nintendo DS. Not the most advanced style game but then again not all video games have to be difficult to be enjoyable.Read full review...


TMNT Nintendo DS -

I didnt like too much about the game. Its not a very good game for the young ones. Its not too much fighting, you just kind of stand in one place and jump or slide. there is fighting, but not your typical TMNT game. I've seen older games better than this one. I thought it would be a good buy, but I regret buying this game. Graphics also below average for a nintendo DS game, others are better.Read full review...


Fun game

Very fun and easy game. Great for fans of TMNT. Also easy for the younger kids. My grandson is 4 and he was at level 4 within 20 minutes. But hes great at video games. Overall this is a very good game for the young and old.Read full review...


Thank you

It's a Xmas gift for my son

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Ds Game TMNT

My 5 year old loves the game. He first played it on playstation 3, and ever scents then wanted it. The game has good graphic.


TMNT (Nintendo DS)

Just like it's predecessors, this new release of TMNT is action packed and full of excitement. Video gamers who like action adverture story lines will not regret owing and playing this game. My daughter likes it so much that she doesn't even give her Nintendo DS a rest. That's certainly a plus for the game and sometimes a minus for parents who are trying to ask their kid to do an errand.Read full review...


Very good game.

It is a fun game. My son has a blast playing it. My son has always liked the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I would recommend this game to anyone.


excellent game to have if you like a challege.

these game is really cool game to play.i love nmnt,you could pick which charter you want to play,but its a little hard because you start over if you die.



This is probably the worst DS game I've ever played. Granted I've only ever played like 8 DS games, but still. Its awful. I beat the whole thing in about an hour (and I'm not very good at video games, its just really short).

90% of the games 'action' is jumping from rooftop to rooftop with timed button presses. And what little fighting is in the game consists of pressing one button.

Buy Mario Kart, or New Super Mario Brothers, or Yoshi's Island DS, or LEGO Star Wars DS, or any other game you might be considering over this.

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