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Deep Space Nine - Season Two on DVD

The Start Trek DVDs were all done very nicely. Until the latest fiasco of a Star Trek Movie came out, Star Trek was one of the best examples of good television. The writing in the DS9 series was consistently high, until the last season, when they killed off Jadzia, and had the Star Wars type battles dominate the screen.

Season Two. More solid plot development, especially with my favorite minor character, Garick. Also Rom started to get some more exposure, he's a talented actor, who did great in a challenging weasly part.
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In The Best Rodenbury Tradition

Deep Space Nine is like War And Peace in space. I missed many episodes so I really want to buy all of the seasons. I want to share these profound metaphors with my children. The evolving situation, character development, the ever present spiritual and religious (there is a difference) variable, the complex right and wrong, good and evil interplay between the various alien and human planes of consciousness, conscience, and behavior... all these ingredients and more make Deep Space Nine one spicy, tasty jambalaya.Read full review...


DS9 gettin' stronger.

I LOVE DEEP SPACE NINE!!! The first season really struggles with everyone finding their character. Season two - they'd found their place, and the rest is Star Trek history. Sisko, O'Brien, Kira, Dax, Odo, Quark and Bashir create life on the outer perameters the best they can. Season Two of DEEP SPACE NINE is a must have for any true trekkie.Read full review...


the series heats up

this is the season where the dominion start to become more fact then rumor. at the end of the second season, deep sapce nine gets the very nice ship the defiant! i loved deep space nine when it was on originally and after it being off air for almost 10 years, i wanted to watch it again. Avery Brooks is fantastic as Captin Sysco and Johnathan Franks (st:tng)is director of some of the best episodes in the series.Read full review...


Not as great as 4-7 seasons, but a few great episodes.

Some of the actors are not as good in the first two seasons, as they are in seasons 4-7. But the story plots are good. And I wanted to complete my collection of the whole series.


Deep Space Nine DVD

The DVD was in excellent shape. It was really exciting to see my favored Star Trek series in its original order again. I enjoyed the commentaries at the end of the set and recommend this to any Trekkie.Read full review...

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