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Good graphics100% agree

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Good value100% agree


Almost excellent, except for the need to get some old hardware.

My entire family has a spiderman fascination and we're not avid gamers so right away there is a bias and perspective that would make this review useful to only a select few. That said, I love this game. I like the navigation-by-web approach to the classic first person action game genre. The controls, were not entirely intuitive, but then I haven't used a controller with this many buttons...well...ever. I also like that the good guy does not use a gun. That becomes more important when you're a parent.

You have to have an old Game Cube controller to plug into your Wii if you want to use this on a Wii like we did. I had to pick one up at a thrift store. It also needs a Game Cube memory card if you want to do any saving.

Haven't needed to save anything yet because I don't play very often and level one still excites me. I'm still trying to battle my way to Uncle Ben's killer so I don't have much to offer about bosses or levels other than the first one, but it really fit the bill for me.
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It's a good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the Spiderman game because it has alot of action and adventure and I get to battle most of my favret villans and get to swing around the city and I like that it has great graphics and no blood if you hit a villan or something. What I disliked about it is that I only get a sertain amount of web and that some of the levels are difficult to finish because of them shooting heat seakers AND are timed at the same time.
I desided to buy the game because Spiderman is one of my faveret hereos.
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Ehh, Decent Game

Yet another Spiderman game. I guess I've played so many Spiderman games that I'm just a little burnt out on them. Only bought this for my son. But, this does rank up there as one of the better ones.r>
I do like the fact that he continues to web-swing until you make him stop by jumping; that works out great for young gamers. Love Bruce's narration and all other voice work on the game.Read full review...


spider man

cool game. My son and husband like it a lot. Of course both of my sons love spiderman so it makes it all the more liked in this house. Some of the levels were a little difficult to figure out exactly what you had to do to actually beat it but getting it pretty well now. My four year old son can play this game pretty well and my husband likes it too so it is a good game for both...Read full review...


Not very good.

The world is boring, the webbing is not fun and can be kinda weird feeling, the combat is boring. This game isn't much fun, especially when compared to number 2, which actually has momentum when web swinging, among other improvements. If you like Spiderman, start with #2.Read full review...


Spider-Man: The Movie (Game Cube)

Spider-Man: The Movie (Game Cube): I buy this game, to complete the collection before it had played spiderman 2. I commend those who have never played spiderman 2 FIRST play spiderman 1, as compared to 2, would be quite boring to play, finally, someone who wants to start playing the saga of the spider, it would be a good start start playing spiderman 1 to be well trained for the second part!Read full review...


Spider-Man the movie gamecube

Bought the game because my 5 year old enjoys the movie and is really into SpiderMan, but the movie is nothing compared to the game, he really enjoys the game. He figured out how to get the game going and he loves completing parts of the game, and he can do it without getting frustrated because most games for his age are harder for them but this one isn't. Great work on the game.Read full review...


Spider-Man: The Movie (GameCube)

I bought this game for my 5 year old son as he is a Spider-Man fanatic at this current time in his life. He had played it on teh Playstation and liked it so I got it for him on the gamecube. I like it as it explains how to do all of the moves but most of all because he loved it.......Read full review...


Reembolsar dinero o enviarme el producto. Este no ha sido entregado.

Este articulo nunca me fue entregado. le pido por favor reembolsar el dinero o enviarme el producto. ya me he comunicado varias veces y no se me ha dado respuesta. Favor reembolsar o enviar el producto.

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Great Game!

Great Game! Cant go wrong with Gamecube for the price of the system and games.
I think it is worth the money to purchase both the system, games, and accessories. Especially compared to the other options out there. This game is age appropriate as marked and we enjoy to play it.Read full review...

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