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The Sony Walkman Is A Great MP3

The Sony Walkman NWZ-E344 8 GB Digital Media Player is an excellent choice. The sound is awesome and it is easy to use. Holds tons of music and videos. I didn't want to pay the high price for a I-Pod so i did some research for an alternative Player. Everywhere i checked the reviews on the Sony Walkman were great so i purchased one. If you are looking for a MP3 that wont brake the bank and is of great quality, this MP3 may be for you. I would recommend it.Read full review...


"It's a Sony"

Bought two of these used for about $40 each. These are well worth the price brand new. I am very pleased with the sound quality. I have 2 iPods and I can honestly say the sound out of these little guys is much better. I am comparing with the same set of head phones. They are easy to load with music and photos. I have not attemped any videos. The photo color is vivid and sharp.
I bought the orginal Walkman radio in the late 70s and and the first Walkman cassette player. Paid over $200 for the cassette player. I loved both the radio and the cassette player. You can not go wrong with this player.
If it got stolen, I would buy a new one.
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Great MP3 player - Highly Recommend!!

This item has great sound quality and very easy to use. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great MP3 player for less than $100!! I gave this as as a gift to my 9 year old and he loves it!! The screen is very nice and friendly too. We love this product. For the price, this is a very good product compared to Ipods!!Read full review...


3 down and 1 to go and then we will be a happy walkman family

I bought this for my other 7yr old for doing well in school. This could not have been a better gift. She can find the songs/videos she is looking for pretty easily. (wish it had the album cover you can scroll thru like the other models but I am still happy) Music is crisp and downloading is a breeze. I did not like that when it shut down it did not have the battery pop up or something to signify dead battery (when you push the power button). I thought she broke it or dropped it. Even after plugging it in the computer it took a while before it showed that it was the battery. I thought I was going to have to take it apart. Overall I love this thing and it has helped car rides since everyone listens to something different . Thanks Sony for an awesome product. My son wishes they would have had an Orange one instead of just black or red for boys.Read full review...


awsome sound, rugged and portable.

Bought this for work. Price was awsome and it sounds great. I was an owner of the first ipod video when they first came out and i loved that. But this little Sony is small and portable,a very rugged little piece. Great value for the money. I recomend, if you do not want to spend the money on an Ipod, get one of theseRead full review...


Looking for an affordable portable music player? This one fits the bill.

Works exactly as intended. The only thing I have an issue with is that it is very difficult to get videos converted into the proper format that makes them playable on the Walkman (design issue). But overall, when that feature works, it works, and no problems with MP3s or FM radio. It was a good buy, and functions as intended.Read full review...


Great product for a great price

Love this mp3 player. Clear picture and it holds so many songs and videos. It is also so easy to use!


The best MP3 player I have ever used.

Didn't want to get an IPod Because:
1. Don't want touse ITunes
2. Didn't like the "wheel" selector.
3. No seperate Volume control.
4. Power off button not marked.
This MP3 player rocks.
Great battery life.
Up and listening to music within 10 minutes of opening package (without ITunes).
Controls are intuitive so there was no need of an instruction manual.
Seperate volume control.
Included headphones sound awesome.
Sony continues to satisfy.
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You get what you pay for and sometimes even more......

Sony has always been my "go to",because they put a lot of work into the technology behind each new item that they bring into play for the public to buy and use daily.Sound quality and user abilities bring me back without fail.This Mp3
player is not just a trinket for me,but a get away source of entertainment.I demand the best bang for my buck and Sony steps up,never to let me down.....and life goes on.............................5 stars
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I love it works great

I have 3 MP3's i use home,car and work i enjoy the heck out of them. I can here my music with out no commercials or DJ jiber jaber. it's the greatest thing invented. best of all it can play a certain album,artiest or just shuffle all your music. It's great.Read full review...

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