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Fun system - "Move" is a nice feature if you like sporting games. I do!!!!

I am a 56 yr. old man and I purchased this game console as a Christmas present to myself. I have never owned a game console before although I do periodically use my PC for simulations.

I liked the fact that I can also play Blu-ray dvds thru the PS3. I was going to buy a seperate Blu-ray player, but this has it all. I was looking into the XBox 360 with "Kinect" also, but my research showed that the "Move" option on PS3 is more accurate than XBox and more realistic than Wii. Being that I can also play Blu-ray too, the choice was easy.

At first I found the setup a little challenging, but Im thinking that's the case with most consoles. Overall, I really enjoy playing, even thouch my little 13 yr. old nephew spanks the s--t out of me on most games. I'm still learning the intricacies of how to use it but am having a great time.

I've used a PS1 and PS2 before (not mine), and the PS3 is much better, obviously, and really can't compare. I would recommend this system to anyone who enjoys gaming and watching quality videos...even at my age.
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EXCELLENT....Worth the Investment

The Starter Bundle makes it quick and easy for those who already have a PS3 to get an idea of what Move is about. Depending on what you already have on your PS3 and of what/how you are planning to play, all you may need could be just the Move controller and nothing else or you may want to order some additional controllers instead of this bundle.

If you don't have a PS3, then the PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move Bundle should be the way to go.


Briefly, this is what you get in with this bundle and I will make it very short because there's a lot of info. at the Amazon page:

* Move controller, of course
* PlayStation Eye camera (must have for the Move to work)
* Sports Champions (Ping Pong is simply awesome, some of the games play much better with a second controller)
* A disc with Demos which should be available at the PSN store as well

Depending on how you are planning to play your games, this is what you don't get but may end up buying eventually:

- One more additional Move Controller (some games will either require two controllers or will play better with two)
- Navigation Controller(s) (you can use the DualShock in your left hand but it feels weird)
- One or more extra USB wires if you don't have enough already to charge your new controller(s) OR
- Dedicated charger, especially if you have more than one Move controller and/or Navigation controller(s)


The Motion Controller and the PS Eye are the minimum needed to bring 'Move' to a any PS3 console. No exceptions. If you already have a PS Eye then the controller alone is the only purchase necessary. On the other hand, to fully enjoy certain games, you may want TWO Move Controllers. This starter bundle makes sense if you don't have the Eye already and you are into the type of games that Sports Champions has. You could still get it and then sell the Eye if you already have one. The same goes for the Sports Champions. It comes sealed so you can sell it as 'new' and recover some funds in the process.


The Wikipedia has a very thorough review of the technology inside the controller - impressive. It's probably worth going there to get an idea of what's under the hood.

From a user's point of view, the Move could be viewed as approximately the right side of the DualShock 3 where the motion tracking function is the R3 analog stick, R1 is the MOVE button and the R2 becomes the Move's T(rigger). You also get the 4 Square/Circle/X/Triangle, in a square (not 'diamond') formation, the PS button as well as the START and SELECT. So far, the most used buttons during gameplay were the MOVE and the T(rigger).

In addition, you get a wrist strap. At the opposite end of the microphone-shaped Move there's a USB Mini-B port for charging and another port that seems to be proprietary - must investigate.

The controller is quite substantial as far as both size and weight - I like that and liked its being shaped in a way that makes it easy to grab and hold. Very much like a microphone or a very thick magic wand; NOT a remote control.

Based on my experience so far, Move's ability to track your motions far surpasses anything that I'm aware of in the gaming universe. Every single movement, up/down, left/right, toward/away and wrist rotation are accurately captured and almost instantly reflected on the screen and so is acceleration th
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Keep the Console, Sell the Move

Having a 360 and a PS3 I like them both very much. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Pros: Built in BluRay Player.
Wireless controllers already have rechargable batteries
Bluetooth capibilites
Integrated Wireless networking
PSN is free
Compact without the added weight of a power brick.

DVD drive can be quite noisy when playing games, especially when it cycles on and off.
Ditch the move stuff. Not very good even after calibration. Wound up selling the SC bundle.
PSN is not as strong or as fast as Xbox Live
Doesn't come wth little feet so I can't stand it up without sliding.
Expensive, doesn't have a more affordable sized down model available.
Lack of backwards compatibility (slim)

Xbox 360 (slim)

Different levels of consoles (4gb, 250gb, 4gb w' kinect, 250gb w' kinect)
Kinect is more fun because there's no controller but can be a little laggy on body movements during fast paced games. Still it's fun to tell my Xbox what to do
Live has better matchmaking.
New slim version is quieter though you can still hear the fans. It gets on my nerves less than the PS3 because it just hums instead of vibrating whatever piece of furniture it rests on.
Has little feet to stand up or lie down.
It's nice to be able to install games.
Faster load.

to get everything is kind of expensive. Especially with live.
Can't block the sides, it'll overheat.
No HD movies, Xbox lost the HD bet by going with the HDdvd platform for it's high end media.
Play and charge kit sold separately.
Still kind of heavy.

While both have their pro's and cons it all depends on what you want. If you want hardcore online gaming then stick with xbox. If you want something you can take to a friend's house and kick it with a game or a movie then stick with the PS3. My only put off is I can't play my PS2 games on the slim. Other than that they're both great consoles.
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One of the best consoles ever made. Great Product.

Well I chose to buy the PS3 because in my opinion it has been one of the best consoles. I mainly bought it for the Blu Ray player but it feels good knowing I can purchase all kinds of games for it.


blue ray and free internet no xbox for me

I bought the 500gb used its nice but I find that just getting online is not easy like I had thought still not hooked up right but the blueray is verrrrry nice to have! I would not buy a xbox I like the free internet and blue ray player .Read full review...


Sony PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle

I bought this system for Christmas for my spose and it I arrived as advertised with all components: motion controller, eye, system, Sports Package etc. The directions made it simple for him to install and play within a 1/2 hour. He does not require/want the "extra packages" offered to play his Sports 3 D video games and prefers just the motion controlled sensor. Golf, badminton, ping-png, sword-fighting and many others interactive games are included. His favorite activity so far is playing pool with his family. numerous others games are available and simple to download at a reasonable cost using the system. It will provide years of entertainment at home for our family even when we are apart geographically.Read full review...


One of the best video game consoles

The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Move is an excellent video game console has a large memory capacity and picture quality. There is also a wide variety of video games.

The price is relatively very comfortable for the large capacity of the console. I recommend it.Read full review...


Love my PS3. I would recommend it to anyone!

I love my PS3. I am not a huge gamer. I mostly play a couple of sports games & a few first person shooters. The graphics on the PS3 are excellent and the extras on the games are far superior to even the games on the PS2, but there is familiarity with the controller. I also love the built-in Blu-ray player; cuts down on components in my entertainment center. The Move controllers work very well - very accurate & intuitive. My nieces LOVE playing the Sports Champions games. I guess my only complaint would be that I wish there were more games that took advantage of the Move platform, but I guess that is more on the game developers than Sony. I am very glad I bought this system; it was money well spent.Read full review...


Excelente producto a un precio muy razonable.

Es realmente un excelente producto y nunca espero menos de Sony, no he encontrado aspectos referidos a su capacidad negativos, solamente y como algo saludable para la estética, creo que debieron agregar algún puerto USB en la parte posterior del equipo a fin de conectar allí los accesorios permanentes como la cámara. Esto es cuando instalamos la unidad en un mismo gabinete o mesa con el TV, quedan los cables por delante y no me resulta estético.
Insisto, me parece un equipo de excelentes prestaciones y capacidades, altamente recomendable. Saludos y conforme con la compra por eBay, Héctor.
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High Technology and great spend time just to have much fun!

This Gameconsole is great to use for any kinds of ages and the games is just awesome. Very difficult to compare with the others consoles, just because many of those have been made with the high quality and technology, but any way, i choosed Sony PS 3, this is my choice. I will enjoy my PS 3 once i get it!!!Read full review...

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