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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree



Thank You

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" Great look to any decor"

Best Game system I ever owned. Cant imagine to count the hours and weekends that I have escaped into my PS3 gaming system. Nothing seems to matter just total relaxation. I look forward to upgrading my experience to the next level, once time permits. wish I did not have to grow up but seems like the PS systems are more geared towards adults than kids. get a job why don't you oh that's right mommy and daddy still supporting you spoil brats LOL. Just kidding Happy gaming.Read full review...

Verified purchase: No


Dios es bueno

Me gustaría tenerlo

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Good deal

Great business

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PlayStation 3

Excellent cosmetically and works even better. Was a great deal!

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Good System, a decent game selection

My cousins have been bothering me about getting one.
I own and mostly play on an xbox 360. (and i love it, sorry ps3, so my review might be a bit biased, i'm not afraid to admit it.) (also i do own a wii, its a paperweight most of the time)

Personaly ps3 never had any exclusive titles that interested me so its taken me til now to get one.

I do like that it has free online gaming vs the xbox. I still need to see if xbox vs ps3 servers are different in anyways.

I guess i'll list off pros and cons if i can think of any.

obviously online gaming is free (wii has this too but wii online sucks)
BLU-RAY PLAYER, heck yes. I have a pc with one but i've alway wanted one to have for my tv, now i have game system and a blu-ray
Clear graphics (actually for some reason when i see a ps3 game vs the looks of the same title on the xbox, its always looke clearer, or more clean)
maybe a few select exclusives (can't wait to see what bungie has in store though) and also whenever kingdom hearts 3 comes out i'm now prepared

Neither con nor pro (has features other have)
Most have the same game selection (if you want good exclusives you can't really go wrong with nintendo, and xbox has the exclusives i like)
Internet browser (cool yeah, but wii also has that, and so does everything else now, just xbox is a bit slow on it, e3)
To me the controller feels weird and light (but xbox user here so not a surprise)

now this is con for every system, accesories are always so freaking expensive.
usb charge cord, too short, i can't play like that easily.
... (now this one i don't own but still i want to right something on it) the ps move. WTF. Just an improved wiimote that looks weird. ... clown festival. (ok i'll say this too, kinect copied the ps2 eye toy thing, so borrowed ideas)

So all in all a great system with a few borrowed ideas and to me a better game selection then nintendo wii but not as good as xbox.
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Great unit, very flexable & meshed easily with existing gear.

The primary reason for purchase was for the Blueray 3D capability. Not a gaming person & haven't tried yet on this console. Great for viewing pics on Flashdrives & DVDs. Had no difficulty in setup, without instructions & a little "fiddling" with the controller I was able to operate unit "like a pro" in probably less time than it would have taken to read the instructions. Pretty straight forward. Will add the 'remote control' for less awkward DVD & Flashdrive operation. Only real complaint, unit was advertised as "New" when in fact it was 'out-of-box' & used but obviously only slightly. Otherwise the whole purchase experience was satisfactory & I would do it again.Read full review...


Similiar to Xbox 360 with some differences....nice system though pricey.

I have owned about every game system that has been made. In my opinion, this system is very similiar to that of the Xbox 360 Elite with the following exceptions: Built in WiFi which is awesome to have, FREE PS3 online which means no extra fees if you subscribe to Netflix or play a lot of online games, and it has Blu-Ray. The graphics, I feel are equal to that of the 360. The only downsides I have found for this pricey system are that the games and accessories seem to cost more and there is less of a selection of game titles. Also, the hard drives are not swappable like the Xbox so you can not take your games with you if you go to a friends house. The biggest downfall is this particular system does NOT play the PS2 games. All in all, I actually only use this system to watch Netflix and Blu-Ray on and to play a few of the move games. I prefer gaming on the 360.Read full review...


The Best Console of The 2000's

The first PS3 i've owned was the original 40GB launch model. A few years later I upgraded to the 160GB Slim model... Now about a year later I upgraded to the 320GB Model and let me tell you I didn't think storage space would make much of a difference, but it did.

- 320 GB hard drive, huge storage space.
- 1080p HD graphics are awesome.
- Free PlayStation Network membership.
- Countless exclusive titles that will keep you entertained.
- Very little to pay after buying the console (unlike the 360, you have to pay yearly to play online)
- Blu-Ray / DVD player is installed so you can watch movies in HD
- Blue-tooth controller is great, design and fits comfortably in your hands.
- Worth every penny, even if you buy it new at a retailer.

- PSN servers sometimes aren't the greatest (especially with older titles) but if you have a decent connection you should be fine.
- Installing games sometimes takes up to 10 minutes (depending on the game's file size)

Overall the best console to own right now. Can't wait for the PS4 to be announced in the next few years.
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Expensive but so worth it!! MUCH better than the 360

I love the ps3 because you don't have to pay to be online and talking to your friends. While the Xbox 360 does do voice chat and overall communication between players very well, you have to pay $50 a year to do so. (That can add up!!!)

It makes no noise,unlike the 360, it has a TON of memory space which is a MUST due to how much GB each game now takes, and it's a lot less bulky.

The price is deep, but search around and you can find a good price, so it is def. worth the investment!
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