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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree


average price

I repair these to fund my kids ps3 stuff and things for my ps4 the value on them has gone down a broken unit without the seal is only worth the parts that function it cost over $150.00 just to repair it like new and no pro is gonna buy it with a seal missing there only worth $25.00 cause there's no guarantee that anything will work cause someone opened it . A good 1 has the seal and is no more than $50.00 .Read full review...

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Older Firmware Options Makes This Worth the Effort!

Please keep in mind the ratings for ease of use and game selection relate to the fact I'm not using this online, or with newer games, as it will not work with them, having older firmware.

I bought this particular used playstation because it had the original firmware 2.70 on it. If you don't play online, having older original firmware, pre-3.15 or 3.30 (I think, don't remember the specific update that removed the OtherOS option) means you can install a linux, mac osx, or even windows operating system on the playstation, and use it as a computer.

Sony has made a contingency of using their Playstation Network, that you must update your firmware. In their updates, they have eliminated this option to install other operating systems.

This console, with its older firmware represents innovation and respect for consumer choices and flexibility. Sony's new approach is most similar to their betamax fiasco - they try to dictate all terms in an autocratic function between them and us, the consumers. It's disrespectful, insulting, and design to bilge us of our money, their device become a money siphon, rather than entertainment system.

Which is why I refuse to use the newer playstation firmware, and refuse to participate in their online gaming community. A device like this is for aficionados and open source fans, as well as hackers and inquisitive minds. It is not for the people who want to get the latest releases, and the bling-bling of the latest re-texturing of the unreal engine, the newest rendition of PvP online gaming complete with moderators and 12 year old cursing poorly, but fluently, and other trite garbage.

If you want to use your playstation as a testing ground for homebrew or coding, or as a linux box, or for a media server without DRM and so forth, this is the right choice for you.

Compared to the newer playstation slims, this thing is a beast. The four USB slots I think a better design than the 2 USB slots, but that's just nitpicking. Swapping hard drives remains easy, as is accessing the system restore mode, critical for when mistakes are made in modifying the system.

The one I bought was potentially dead in the water. All I can say is, your mileage may vary, but unless the hardware was really abused, most PS3 problems are fixable without replacing hardware or soldering the board.
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i think it's the best console i ever had

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: etradeo


playstation 3 cechB01

The PS3 is a great system and a great value.

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Used to have this same model when it first came out. Just as amazing as I remember it!

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Great XBOX360 or PC Alternative

What can I say? If you enjoy top of the line video games that are in high definition, in 5.1 surround sound and watch both your DVDs and Blu-Rays in 1080p HD then this is your machine. The only issue I have with the PS3 is that they get overheated and that overheating can and has caused a Yellow Light of Death error, and that PS3s are kind of pricy for a common problem. If you prefer your games to be back compatable such as PS1 and PS2 games with the elimination of the PS1 or PS2 system entirely, I'd go with the 20, 60 or first generation of the 80gb models. I went with the 20GB model first time, but it fell victim to the YLOD a year after buying it (2 weeks after buying a few Resident Evil 5 add-ons). I returned to the 20 GB model thinking that my game saves would only be for that 20GB HDD. I'm glad that I was wrong, because you don't need your original HDD or HDD GB size to regain your old PS3 game saves. You just need a PS3 with any HDD in it, and you can reinstall your PS3 achievements via PlayStation Network. Now I'm considering a bigger GB size HDD than the measly 20GB drive for future Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Call Of Duty games. This is a great XBOX 360 alternative if you don't care for games that have been with the PlayStation franchise such as Resident Evil (RE 5 is for both systems though).Read full review...



This is perfection there is nothing else to say.
Love playing those non emulated ps2 titles in 1080p?
This console combined with an HDCRT tv = sex literally.
Honestly this thing is best played on an HDCRT TV a normal LCD can make the cut, nothing compared to the quality of an HDCRT that can supoort at least 480p, 720p, and 1080i. HDMI and 1080p are a plus.
Everything I could ever ask for from sony.
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The best Sony has done to date

This is in my opinion, the best Playstation console ever made. This is one of the few produced that is completely backwards compatible,it plays PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. I purchased this in great used condition and had a couple of modifications done to insure longevity (as best as one can)by having the thermal paste on the board redone with a better formula and an added chip that increases the RPMs of the fan. This console had one major fault from the factory, it would over heat. Despite the fault, to me, it was worth the extra time and funds to fix a design problem.Read full review...


Good system but the slim version might be better

I'm usually the last person to upgrade anything at least until it gets cheaper; this was no exception. However this particular system is backward compatible with my PS2 games. The game graphics on this system are much better (depending on the game) and I like that you can play online with it. The negative about this earlier model system is it doesn't have WIFI and the main processor has a tendency to overheat which means you need to install a fan for it.Read full review...


great games, blu ray player, awesome graphics

use this system to play war games. love it! love the blu ray player. multiple players can play at the same time. this version plays all three playstation games. so i can still play the old playstation one games i have had for years. this is a really great replacement for my playstation two. i don't have to go out and buy all the games over again because they play in it too. game system that comes with a remote for the blu ray player.Read full review...

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