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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree


Can't read games

I tried to play a game and freezes everytime! I have another psp and this was a waste of money!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: chockyvonchocky



It was in good condition and was shopped fast

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cm00re109


Worth it

The bundle was shipped to me quick and was exactly what I've been looking for, thanks!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: greengrass0000


Great System and best model, a lot of games and a nice price

The PSP 2000 is the best model of the PSP by SONY, and this one is great because it comes in a nice red color and is themed of God Of War (Who don't like Kratos?). It's size is confortable as it's weight, you can easily carry the PSP in a pocket or a little backpack, i recommend to buy a screen protector and a carry case to prevent scratches.

It has a lot of functions like gaming, WiFi and Lan connections, can storage music, pictures and videos, connect to the ps3...

The games for the PSP are awesome. It has a wide catalog of games for all ages, but i think is more oriented to mature gamers in comparisson to others portables systems in the market.

The only problem with the PSP, at least in this model (i haven't tried models 1000, 3000 or GO), is the battery life, you can play like 4-5 hours in a row, maybe a little more. For this problem you can simply buy another battery for a couple of bucks and the problem is solved.

Overall it is a Great gaming System and it worth the price for all the fun you are going to have with it.
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The Good & Bad

Great product, especially if you have a PS3. Lots of downloadable games on the network, it can play games for PSP, PS1 & Minis. The Remote Play feature is fun too, you can play movies & music from your PS3 anywhere that has internet access. My complaints 1. It can't play PS2 games (it seems Sony wants 2 keep PS2 games for the PS2 Console only) 2. The 1000 & 2000 series has no mic but you can get the psp camera to fix that. 3. The battery life is about 4 hours. 4. Beware of bundles with games on the memory stick, once you register the PSP in your name on the Playstation Network, you no longer have access to them.Read full review...


Great Product! Value for your money

This product was just as in the pictures, also I was able to mod it because this motherboard is guaranteed hackable! Recommend this! The seller gave me the PSP + a 2gb San-disk Memory stick + PSP Charger + a PSP travel case. This is more than any other seller will give you for $80!Read full review...


Incredible amount of entertainment for your money.

Aside from cosmetics, the God of War edition of the Playstation Portable is a PSP-2000 model. I looked specifically for this version, because not only is it the only red one we can get stateside, but it is also a guaranteed TA-088v2 motherboard - the last version that can be used for flash-based homebrewing. Unlike other used PSP-2000s on the market (which may have the TA-088v3, or may not), this one is guaranteed. What is the difference you ask? Enabling homebrew on a TA-088v3 or later motherboard is still possible, but there are limitations, including:

a. Must have official firmware version 5.03 or lower, or there is no chance of using customized firmware (CFW).
b. Loads CFW into the system RAM, not the actual flash memory, meaning that every time you shut down the PSP, you must re-enable it. Keeping it in sleep mode is fine, but this can still be a hassle.

CFW aside, the differences to the other models is minimal.

Compared to the PSP-1000, this version feels more flaky and cheap, as the design in mind was to keep things compact+lightweight. The PSP-1000 is certainly more durable. However, the speaker location is improved from the 1000, the "square button degrading due to slamming into the motherboard internally" problem has been fixed, and the WLAN switch is moved to a better and less-likely-to-be-broken location. Also, the 2000 has the addition of mic input (sold separately through a special headset) and also TV-Output capability, allowing you to play PSP games on your TV at 720x480 resolution via composite cable. Other than durability, the design is overall significantly improved. The LCD screen is the exact same, but the internal RAM increases from 32MB in the 1000 model to 64MB in the 2000 model. Also, as the PSP-2000 comes with a 1200mAh battery as compared to the 1000's 1800mAh battery, you can expect 4-6 hours of battery time full charge instead of the 8hrs that 1000 produces. Additional batteries with larger storage capacities are available from 3rd parties.

Compared to the PSP-3000, the feel is pretty much exactly the same. However, the 3000 has a much improved LCD screen (the scan-line problem many early 3000 models faced has been dealt with) that is not only brighter but also provides a much higher contrast and color range. Also, the 3000 has a built in mic that the 2000 doesn't. All other features are the same, including TV-Output.

Aside the model differences, the system is amazing. It is capable of not only games, but also music, video, internet browsing, Skype, and connecting to your PS3 wirelessly and playing PS3 games while away from the PS3. The only gripe that might be had is comfort - hand cramps may occur after prolonged play if you haven't adjusted to the system (however, there are accessories to alleviate this problem if desired).

Even with all of these functions, 95% of the reason you're going to buy this console is about the games. The library is huge, and expanding. There are many games for fans of all genres, and multiplayer ad-hoc is available for many games as well. For a few select ones, you are able to play on the Playstation Network against people around the world, and with a PS3, you can also play certain games designed for ad-hoc multiplayer only (such as Dissidia: Final Fantasy) and play vs. people gathered on PSN. The entertainment possibilities are endless.
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Amazingly beautiful fun!

Though this is now an older system, it quite simply is beautiful and very entertaining! I bought mine used and it is playing like a charm! God of War, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, and Killzone are all amazing on this crimson handheld, I am very satisfied with another Sony product once again, and I would recommend this to any gamer who loves great entertainment for a reasonable price!Read full review...


big screened wonder system!

Massive beautiful screen!
Lots of online video and audio to enjoy with the web browser and PSN store.
Skype is cool and useful
Plenty of accessories to chose from and allow you to customize your PSP
Actual 3D gaming, unlike the DSi/DS
Physical controls, the iPod Touch/iPhone
User changeable battery, unlike the iPod Touch/IPhone
Expandable storage, unlike the DS or iPod Touch/iPhone
The 2000, 3000, and PSP GO are able to output the screen to a TV, unlike the DS/DSi or iPod Touch/iPhone
Remote playback with the PS3 is fantastic! It lets me play any video or audio from my PS3 no matter where I go!

The physical controls are a bit different from the PS1/2/3 controller, the buttons are in the same places, but there is only one analog stick, you cannot compress the analog stick (L3/R3) and it only has one pair of trigger buttons. The games mostly make up for that.

The PSP is a great system for entertainment on the go with its web browser, media player, and numerous games, speaking of which, God of War is probably one of the best on the system.
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Great bundle!

I like the fact that this PSP is different, being red and having the Kratos silkscreened on the back. I also love the Chains of Olympus game and the movie Superbad is hilarious. I did a lot of research and noted that the PSP3000, in an effort to improve video, actually degraded the video quality. After a few hours of playing time, I have no complaints with the video on the PSP2000. I get around 3 hours battery life with continuous playing, even with the WiFi on. Ordered an extended battery anyway, just so I'm set for long plane rides. Got this to travel with and it's exactly what I was looking for. At $150 for the PSP, the God of War game, the Superbad movie, Madden 09, Tiger Woods 08 and a 2Gb pro duo memory stick, this was a great deal.Read full review...

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